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Passione Ricamo Mystery SAL 2012
Laura’s Part one stitched and beaded as a sneak preview.


Laura has added the following information on the Facebook SAL page:

Mystery Sal
I remind you that registration will close June 30 and that the pattern will never be published, will be only for the participants .. Therefore, those who were still unsure, sign up … pictured below, as an incentive, here is the 1 Step … in all its glory …

By the sounds of this, this design will not ever be released any other way.  So if you like Passione Ricamo designs in general, and you have few spare dollars in your pocket, I recommend you give this one a look in the next five days.

For those interested, the purchase and sign-up page is here.

Look at all those purple beads in the border, no wonder the chart calls for over 2000 of them …..

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