Vervaco – Moscow

In 2008 I fell in love with a trio of dress designs from Vervaco, New York, Paris and Moscow.  Unfortunately, being Vervaco, they were only available as kits.

New Years Day 2009 I started Moscow.  I was well on my way to a quick finish (the combination of Holidays from work and Summer Cricket working its usual magic) and then the kit ran out of floss. It was a specialty LANA floss that, like Whisper, fuzzies up after you finish stitching with it.

Later I found the paperwork in the kit where to send for replacement floss.  I asked for 6 strands of white Lana and 1 thread of beige Lana.

Somewhere around 8-10 weeks later as I was moving house, the envelope arrived with 6 strands of Beige Lana and 1 strand of White Lana.

I moved house many times after that, never quite getting the project and the envelope with the threads together at the same time until now, February 2013.  I have stitched up the one thread of White Lana and have sent off for more yet again 🙂

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20 thoughts on “Vervaco – Moscow

  1. Thank you – it is an easy stitch mostly. That is only four shades of colour. Unfortunately two of the similar shades also have similar symbols, but I made a working copy of the chart and am highlighting each bit of the way ….

  2. Wow that is amazing already! And I have no idea why my comment is starting in the center and going to the left from there!

  3. I said so when you got the chart – it is SO you! And it’s coming along nicely, too!

  4. Its a different designer than the last two 🙂 But yes this will probably be my first finish for the year. I didn’t get a single stitch in it yesterday, but the cricket is on today!

  5. Thanks Nancy and everyone. I’ll take another pic today and then put this one away. BoInk is calling again and the RR has just tapped me on the shoulder too …..

  6. It’s coming along great Mel – I’m glad I haven’t seen many of these and I really like them!

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