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The Castle Teresa Wentzler

Second Attempt June 2005

The Castle by Teresa Wentzler
Original Chart purchased in 1993.
In June 2005 I purchased 32ct Handyded mottled blue fabric from Stitches ‘n Spice and restarted this piece.
I was pleased with my progress but unfortunately had to pack the piece away to move house.
The project went missing in the house move.


  1. Dear heavens.. seeing those colors on the light blue makes me wonder if mine is going to fade away or stand out… hhmm…. You have a good start here, Mel. Why is Jan 1 looming huge in my mind???? LOL

  2. Once the b/s is done, it’ll stand out. It’s one of those charts which really loses out until the definition is added.

    Last Jan 1st we were stood in my street watching fireworks and then during the day headed for Finchingfield. Sigh, sniff.

  3. I know… was just talking about that this morning at the store. I was trying to figure out why I’m off on our Thanksgiving, since it’s a Thursday and I normally work. Seniority was the answer. Told him since I don’t have kids and it’s just Mom and I, plan on me working Christmas. Since I’ve already told Mom I’m off on Tday, she’s planned cooking, so can’t change it now. They were trying to remember why Anna had worked so many days in a row… I had to hide my head and then mutter “because SOMEONE we know was across the pond”… abd yeah, sigh,sniff….

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