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The Castle Teresa Wentzler

Progress – Jul 2007

The Castle by Teresa Wentzler
Original Chart purchased in 1993.
7 July 2007 third restart.
Fourth week’s progress. I can see my enthusiasm was waning. “Only got about 5 hours in this month – not good! But work and life get in the way sometimes. Maybe next month will be better !!”


  1. Well it looks like you are way further than me!! 5 hours is more than I got – none. But then again, I was very nicely told NOT to stitch on mine! LOL!


  2. Looking gorgeous!!

  3. Very nice progress, Mel! I love your fabric choice, makes it so airy!

  4. Coming along great!

  5. 5 hours is better than nothing! At least you got some more of the castle done. 🙂

  6. Good work Mel. You really did a lot of noticeable work this month.

  7. It’s looking good, Mel!

  8. Great progress Mel!!

  9. Mel, this is looking just beautiful! Keep up the good work.

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