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The Castle Teresa Wentzler

Third Start – 1 Jan 2007

The Castle by Teresa Wentzler
Original Chart purchased in 1993.
1 January 2007 third restart.
The BAPXS group got me excited about this project again so I purchased a second piece of the same fabric from Stitches ‘n Spice and restarted this piece.
Unfortunately this piece was not as mottled as the last, so I was a bit disappointed in that, but so is the way of hand dyed fabric.

I stitched all of this in one day on New Year’s Day. I was pretty expert in stitching the walls on this piece by now!


  1. Well done Mel. I did a bit today too. I’ll take a pic and put it in my Multiply tomorrow.

    Happy New Year

  2. Good for you! I’m still in the attempted organizational stage… Seems I’ve mislaid the bag with the fabric, chart and floss…. imagine that…

  3. Yeah, imagine that.

  4. I stitched a touch on mine on NY eve and today, Steve took the magazine to work to get a working copy for me. The hand drawn chart is just a nightmare to work from. All I have to do when he gets it home is re-number/label all the symbols on my lo-ran cards and go for it!

  5. I have a start on mine, also – I’ll post a pic sometime today, if the boss will just stay out of here for a few minutes 🙂 Man, I didn’t work on it for very long – 1-2 hours, maybe, but it sure seems to go so much faster than my SQ. I really want to pick up hte slightly abondoned Castle Triptych now and work on it, too. I guess I need to try an actual timed rotation – one a week. But I only have 3 WIPs right now – gee, do I dare start a 4th, to round out each month?? LOL

  6. Ouch! Found everything, worked on trying to organize it, but discovered that I have got to do something about lighting in my cave.

    Mel, is that tower the center or just where you chose to start? I absolutely hate starting in the center, but I suppose it’s the best way with such a complicated (compared to what I normally do) chart. I much prefer starting at the top and working down, but I can’t quite figure out how with this one.

  7. Looking good! I did a little on mine yesterday, too, but not too much because I’m still working on trying to finish Rapunzel. I will try and take a pic and post it tomorrow.

  8. Sorry Teegs, for some reason I didn’t see your post until now 🙁

    The base of that tower is the middle of the design. I always start from the middle due to an irrational fear that if I don’t then I will muck up and run out of space on the edges …

  9. You’re almost back to where you were with your second start, Mel – great work! On TW’s with borders, I like starting with the top border and working down so I can split the repetition of the border with working on the inside bits… but I started in the middle on this one, too – but I went down and to the right; wanted to get those rocks out of the way!

  10. That was the aim of this week Paula! As I’m home from work for all of this week and my Dad didn’t end up visiting – I’m spending a lot of time in front of the Cricket stitching madly. I wanted to finish on Sunday having completed as much as my second restart. I don’t know if I will accomplish that – being out while the car is being serviced today and then working and visiting DK tomorrow. So we will see.

    I also am looking at the rocks – but seeing as both my first two starts were on the Castle I figured I’d better start on that and get that bit out of the way first, because I might resent it later 🙂

  11. That makes sense to me, Mel. It’s part of why I decided to do the rocks first; I hated the rocks in The Castle Sampler with a true passion, so I decided to do these first. I’m not minding them; I think the difference is the size of the rocks in the two pieces. I truly believe TW used just as many colors in the rocks on TCS; but they’re crammed into a much smaller space!

  12. Aren’t the rocks just the absolute pits to stitch?! I really hate them.
    The blends of pinks and greys are a real PITA.

  13. You know something I’ve noticed? This is the 3rd castle of hers I’ve done, and the colors used in this one are very different from the colors in the other two; each time I look at this one, I am amazed by the pinks. I need to get a whole wall section done to see how they work together, but I’m just so used to the grays and gray/browns she used in the others. Maybe that’s part of the division between the earlier and later designs…? To look at the picture, this castle looks like the others, but up close – not so much. Must be stone from another country 🙂

  14. Stone does vary from place to place LOL. Maybe this is a castle at Sunset when you get those gorgeous pinks in the sky which refract off of everything below!

  15. Maybe from the same place the blue stone at the ‘henge came from??? If they have blue, surely they have pink? LOL

  16. You mean Stonehenge? the big one? very grey, very grey. I would love to see it at sunset but it gets so packed down there at that time……hard to get in or near to it.


    Best photo I could find and just look at the blues in this one….gawjus

  18. Great pic! I wish I’d gotten there when I was over there; actually, I got to see very little the 2 years I lived there. The exchange rate was prohibitive to sightseeing, once we got rent, insurance, and utilities paid. If I’d been able to live on base, I would’ve seen much more 🙁

  19. Great picture! I didn’t get to see Stonehenge, either, Karen. I plan to on my next trip! I thought it was just me wondering about the colors in the castle walls here. (I also wondered if it was some of the whole mysterious change in dye formulas from DMC!) But the sunset thing might be right.. and maybe why the author of the metallics list used just a bit of sparkle in some of the castle walls?

  20. Nope – I can categorically bust that myth 🙂 I started this project the first time *before* DMC did its major colour changes – yes I am a dinosaur on this project 🙂

    And the colours are the same – how do I know because I still have some of the floss bobbins I wound for this project back in 1994 !!!!

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