Permin – Dutch Beauty

n Hollandsche Schone anno 1790
(English name: Dutch Beauty)
Permin of Copenhagen.


19 thoughts on “Permin – Dutch Beauty

  1. OMG and I thought my Castle had to be the longest WIP. This really is an ELTWIP. I don’t think I was even cross stitching in 1993!! Wow.
    BTW, loving this one.

  2. Oh its only such a big ELTWIP because I stopped cross stitching completely between 1994 and 2003.

    This is Slot 1 in the 5 slot rotation for 2007. I plan to have this one completely finished by this time next year 🙂 There – its now in writing – unless I delete this post in 11 months time 🙂

    Its a great stitch – only has 13 colours and a couple of those are blends – lots of blocks of straight colours – every time I pick it up I wonder why its taken me so long to pick it up again.

  3. Oh wow! It must be satisfying to make some progress on this one. It’s much to cool to be moldering away in some drawer forever. Let me know when you get to the spinning monkey. I had never really paid attention to them until an article in the Quarterly SAN mag. Now I am noticing them all over. Hee hee.

  4. Spinning monkeys ???? I’m off to look at my pattern again to find them. What are they? What do they symbolise ???

    I usually get stuck into this one for a few days each year over Xmas – but not this year. This and The Castle are the main WIPs that I am determined to get a lot further on this year – a finish would be great – but just a lot of progress – say three quarters done – would be A-OK too !!!!!!

  5. No, really – see the lady in the archway on the left? Just underneath her left side is a monkey sitting in a chair with a spindle & distaff thingy. Admittedly, you have to use your imagination to make the leap to monkey, but that is what it is.

    Wait a minute… Claire said “losing it AGAIN”. What is with this again stuff. Hee hee. You can’t prove anything. (Ignore the men in the white coats.)

    In any case, sez SANQ, “the monkey was associated with folly, sinfulness, lechery, and mischief…” and “the activity of spinning the thread represents the creation of the thread of life, which can break at any time”. There is a whole article with several photos of various monkeys. And lets face it, Mel – you’ve got one.

    That sounds pretty deep, huh, to think that a lecherous fool is controlling fate!

  6. Ah hah! So it’s a Monkey sitting spinning, not a spinning monkey LOL. I had visions of a monkey spinning around all the time.

    Losing it again, ah Tracy…we know you well 🙂

  7. Actually you know, that would explain so much about the modern world {LOL} Not to mention the ancient – think Zeus ???

    Anyway Tracy, don’t mind the decorators, they’re just putting up the pretty pink padded wallpaper for you, the men in white coats will supervise their work 🙂

  8. All pictures look superb, Mel! You’ve done really great work on it so far, no matter how long it took!

    And the site loaded MUCH faster without the background picture. As much as I love to see those, they tend to be responsible for very, very slow loading time…

  9. Mel, you did indeed get a lot of “clean up” bits done… but it has to feel like an accomplishment to have entire pages completely finished now! Congrats on the progress!

  10. Thanks ladies and yes Paula it does – I was originally planning on doing the border last – but I’m actually feeling good about doing this page by page now – I just wish I got a chance to get more done than I did – oh well onto a Chatelaine this week – lets see if I can finish Part 4 of Midi 1 – from memory I was part way through it last year.

    Mariann – glad the background works for you 🙂 Being on dial-up I know all about slow loading pages 🙂 🙂 🙂

  11. Glad to see you are going to finish it. Its lovely and will be an heirloom when you have it finished. Only downside is that it will cost a fortune to frame. Perhaps you can have a whip round!!!!!

  12. Hey that’s a thought – if every one of my contacts puts in $5 a week I’ll have more than enough by the time I actually get this one done 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 Yeah – as if!

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