Mouse – Dawn of Spring

Dawn of Spring is a stitch-a-long (SAL) designed by Mouse and is only available via the Friendly Stitchers yahoogroup. Signup for the SAL are now closed, I just managed to “squeak” in.

I’m stitching this on a piece of unlabeled grey/green Dovestitch fabric that Tina sent as a birthday present last year.  Mum did a floss toss from my stash, bearing in mind that Spring in our part of Australia is “”ochre colours in all the mud, grey greens in the tall grasses and dusty reds in the native plants“. So we chose Vicki Clayton’s Bane Berry and Bane Berry Bright and Caron Wildflowers Camouflage for the specialty stitches.

Click on any thumbnail to see a larger picture and more information.

4 thoughts on “Mouse – Dawn of Spring

  1. very pretty … love those colours 🙂 well done mum for helping 😉
    may be if I get chance to do an autumn one for us you can pick spring colours for you 😉
    love mouse xxxxxx

    1. These are Australian Spring colours. Australian native flora locally has a dusty, dark, ochre palette. The pastels you associate with Spring are often only seen here in Western Australia in their wildflowers that bloom for a short time in Spring.

      Look up our State emblems like the Waratah and the Kangaroo Paw or the famous varieties of Banksia (bottlebrush)and Wattle to see what I mean 🙂

  2. Looks great and you’ve done about as much as I have. I’ve dropped those urn thingys down so that they are separate and I’m going to put some flowers in them in specialty stitches. Well, thats the theory anyway.

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