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Inkcircles design



  1. I really do love this, Mel.

  2. I might have to do some more on mine on Sunday 🙂 Maybe …. depends how much time I get to myself after Rhiannon is finished 🙂

  3. Ah hah….sooo does this mean my vote on the poll was the winner?

  4. That depends on whether I have a hangover tomorrow and how long it takes me to attach the beads versus how long before Paul wakes up – but yes Cirque is out in the lounge room and ready to go so it might the easiest thing to do in the morning ….

  5. It is coming along nicely. I am starting mine on January 1st as part of a challenge on a yahoo group.

  6. Wonderful – which group and what thread/fabric combo will you be using ??

  7. Hi Mel,

    I really love how this is turning out! I am excited to see your next update since it is next on your rotation! AND I think I have found my fabric for Ice Princess Dragon Number 2!! I am off to PTP to see how much ouch my wallet needs to take to get a big enough piece of this for a 2nd Castle down the way far line! VBG!

    Michele A.

  8. Michele, you are truly amazing – yo know that? You are seriously considering ding TW’s The Castle twice ????? On purpose !!!!

  9. ROFL….you are funny..

  10. Hi Mel,

    Yes, I am considering it. Of course, it wouldn’t be done right after I finish the first one. If I get this amazing fabric, I will kit up Ice Princess and in the future will probably do it.


  11. Love the colour fabric. Is that white DMC or are you using silk?

  12. Hi Kay its DMC B5200 – the bright white 🙂

  13. Thought it might be. Its certainly effective. I love it

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