Ink Circles – Cirque des Cercles

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13 thoughts on “Ink Circles – Cirque des Cercles

  1. That depends on whether I have a hangover tomorrow and how long it takes me to attach the beads versus how long before Paul wakes up – but yes Cirque is out in the lounge room and ready to go so it might the easiest thing to do in the morning ….

  2. Hi Mel,

    I really love how this is turning out! I am excited to see your next update since it is next on your rotation! AND I think I have found my fabric for Ice Princess Dragon Number 2!! I am off to PTP to see how much ouch my wallet needs to take to get a big enough piece of this for a 2nd Castle down the way far line! VBG!

    Michele A.

  3. Hi Mel,

    Yes, I am considering it. Of course, it wouldn’t be done right after I finish the first one. If I get this amazing fabric, I will kit up Ice Princess and in the future will probably do it.


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