Chatelaine – Mystery IX

8 thoughts on “Chatelaine – Mystery IX

  1. You are doing so much better with your Chatelaines than I am. I have three started and two more kitted to go. The three are all fast becoming UFO’s……can’t decide if I’m bored with them or just too complex for “she of little brain” to bother with right now.

  2. Hi Nate – long time no talk – I was wondering how everything has been going with you !!!!

    Yep I got the embellishment set – I have included a pic in this album now 🙂

  3. I know the feeling – I’ve gotten a little burnt out on Mystery IX – I shouldn’t have put the beads on as I went as she’s now so large that she’s unmanageable as far as my usual stitching techniques go – and part 9 requires a *lot* of concentration!

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