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This page shows a gallery of some of my Cross Stitch projects.  It’s a work in progress as I transfer photos from older blogs and find photos and get organised so yes it is very much a work in progress. Check back for more updates whenever you like.

Click on the thumbnails you might be surprised by the information and comment discussions that went on under particular photos or in particular albums.

Works in Progress

A Cat’s Life

Catgirl and Catboy by Jardin Prive and Maggie Co's Village

Catgirl & Catboy

Ink Circles - Cirque des Cercles 28 Jan 2007

Cirque des Cercles

Dawn of Spring

Illusions Designs, Published by Fanta Cat Designs

Dragon Feather’s Afghan

Permin of Copenhagen - Dutch Beauty

Dutch Beauty

The Castle Teresa Wentzler

Faience (The Castle)

Mystery IX

Joan Elliott

Petite Xmas Angel

Double delights Turple by Needle Delights Originals



Blackwork Butterfly

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