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Plum Street Samplers. Present for Jane.

Coffin Buzz

This is a gift for an 18 year old coffee-addicted Goth Girl.

I deliberately went over the top with the Gothic frame and the somber colours.

Holy Cow this came out big though! I have no idea how I’m going to transport it.


  1. Good luck getting it to her….it looks great though!!!

  2. This will be adored.
    It’s stunning!

  3. Looks fantastic

  4. No wonder you are pleased! COOLC

  5. Great framing choice!

  6. Thank you 🙂 I chose it all myself over the objections of the framer 🙂 He wanted something lighter and warmer … and less ostentatious …..

  7. Great job picking something you know the recipient would love…no matter what the framer said!

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