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Needlemania - Fire Flower

Fire Flower


  1. Gorgeous frame, Mel!

  2. Thanks Mariann – but I can take absolutely no credit. I just let my great framer have her way! She had been thinking about this piece quite a bit while we were getting others framed so I said – go for it. As long as its in my price range I’ll agree – I trust you !!! She had tears in her eyes!

    Looks darker than that on the wall – it will look fab above my bed when I get the right covers back on the bed – its cool enough now to drag out the doona. Might set the bedroom up and take a pic of the room so you can see how it will suit – or not ….

  3. Stunning Mel! It’s absolutely gorgeous – congrats on getting another piece framed. I hate to think of the ones I have done that are languishing in the bin not framed.

  4. I love it! Love the dark rich colors! I am a sucker for the little wooden inserts by the mats, (I know they have a name, just can’t think of it now- filligerette or something like that) I have my wedding sampler framed with one of those and its my favorite! Congrats on getting it finished and on the wall. Will look forward to seeing the bedroom photo!

  5. It look wonderful Mel!!!! She did a great job with the frame. Beautiful job on the stitching as well!!!

  6. WOW – that looks fabulous, and if this is a bad picture, WOW again!! LOVE the inner fillet – I can’t afford to do that here, but it is a gorgeous treatment! I love just that hint of color peeking out from under the wide black mat! Well done, both of you!!

  7. Wonderful framing….she’s got such a good eye to set stuff off with…lovely!

  8. Actually the mat is dark grey – she wanted to focus on the blackness of the fabric so she deliberately chose a mat that was a few shades lighter …..

    As usual it looks fabulous on the wall and I can’t capture that with the camera ….

  9. Wow, how lovely!! Both the stitching and the framing are beautifully done!

  10. Gorgeous Mel! I love what she did with the piece!

  11. I love it Mel, very nice frame, and stitching is beautiful

  12. Thanks everyone – I feel so lucky in the framer I have found 😉 🙂

  13. Oh this is wonderfully done! What a beautiful heirloom!

  14. very nice WTG love the frame.

  15. Excellent work !!

  16. Thanks Karen, thats the word for it!!! I was close… LOL

  17. This is fantastic. The frame is perfect.

  18. What a super job she made of it. It looks perfect

  19. Wonderful framing – I can only imagine how much better it looks in person!

  20. Wonderful collaborative effort!!!! This is gorgeous!

  21. Wow that is awesome. I just got this chart and hope to get to it this year.

  22. Wow Mel! Fire Flower looks really great framed! Congrats!

  23. Wow, it came out fabulous!! Congrats again!!

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