Designs by Lisa - Black Beauty or Something in Red

Finished: 28 June 2008

Black Beauty or Something in Red by Designs by Lisa. Used recommended threads on 32ct Ivory linen.

17 thoughts on “Red-Finished

  1. You just need to stand up to it like you did those punks on the train – tell it in no uncertain terms that you will not STAND for any more frogs!

  2. When I restarted Black Beauty from scratch I bought a whole new skein of GAST Black Crow.
    I unfortunately left the remains of the previous skein in there.

    I’ve now got as much done the second time as I did the first time and the two skeins are the same size. Unfortunately the new skein in more subdued than the older skein, but I cannot tell until I have stitched a few lines …. and I keep finding this out on the train and I don’t want to remove the wrong skein on the train and lose it ….

    So I think I’ve stitched the last inch of her skirt at least three times …..

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