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Chatelaine Midi Mystery I - Medieval

Midi Mystery 1

Chatelaine Midi Mystery I – Medieval
All progress, parts 1-6
Completed 5 Nov 2011
Photo taken 9 Jan 2012.

Part 6 completely stitched and beaded. All wording from Part 3 frogged and restitched in Elephant and Castle to stand out more against the background fabric. The whole design was checked over and loose beads were removed and reattached.

The whole design was again gone over and all cat hair removed – found a lot of Trouble’s cat hair in this project. Removing her hair was quite a sad feeling. I left some of it in some inconspicuous places as she was such a part of this project. As can be seen in the close up photos, Abby slept on the right side of the finished and ironed project before I got to photograph that part, so I will need to remove cat hair again before I put it away.

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