Chatelaine – Midi Mystery 1

Started August 2005 – Finished November 2011.

A six month mystery bu Martina Weber – this ran Jul-Dec 2005. Yes I’m finished it off in 2011.


7 thoughts on “Chatelaine – Midi Mystery 1

  1. We have a calendar feature here?

    Hmm – well 2007 is *planned* to be like this:

    1st week of every month – TW’s The Castle
    Slot 1 – Dutch Beauty
    Slot 2 – The Rainmaker
    Slot 3 – Chatelaine
    Slot 4 – Ink Circles
    Slot 5 – something small – probably start by finishing off Catherine, Rhiannon etc.

    The Castle will be worked on for one week Sun-Sat. The others will be worked for one page of each chart. However long it takes me. So I’m not sure a calendar feature will work. Wonder if I should change my intro to read which slot I will be working on – wonder if there’s a way to do something like that?

  2. I’ll think on it overnight …I’m sure the calendar would work for it though…have a play 🙂 (like you have nothing better to do than be at my back and call LOL)

  3. Umm that big – the border is done – just need to fill in the middle now … I think that’s a 17 inch hoop its in – I’ll get out the project and measure it for you later ……

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