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Kay sent me such a cute cat card and a gorgeous Erte calendar!

Presents, cards, Zombie tree etc for Christmas 2008


  1. Oh, she got you that kit – hurry & start it!!! I want to see all three of those together!!

    No pressure, though 🙂

  2. Oh I am so glad you think it is sort of like Trubs! Once I had finished it, I wasn’t sure if it looked ok or like a blob in the middle of gray!! LOL!

  3. Trubs does have a Ginger blob in the middle of the grey! LOL!

  4. Karen I have to check out the kit. If it looks relatively easy I might take it to the cricket with me as a project.

  5. I think SOMEONE needs to come up with a Tortie-colored thread – can be used on cats, wolves, coyotes (I assume someone, somewhere has stitched a coyote in other than the black-silhouette-howling-at-the-moon), etc… Greys & gingers – that’s not much of a stretch, IMO.

  6. So who knows any dyers on first name basis?

  7. And could.we convince them to name the thread Trouble?

  8. Ah…Hector II is definitely beyond help.

  9. Possibly gallons of water each day and a larger pot may help but it’s very unlikely.

  10. Crabs?

  11. Love the calendar.

  12. Love the ornament!
    The kit looks very interesting!

  13. Ooh, LOL, your backside matches mine 🙂

  14. Oh you poor thing – dimpling and all??

    Oh you mean the backside of the ornament 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  15. It came with Aida – I’m thinking of swapping it out for a piece of Silkweaver grey I have if it is big enough – simply so all three pieces are done on linen.

    Depends on whether there are fractional stitches, whether I want to include fractional stitches and whether my piece of fabbie is big enough.

  16. The calendar is gorgeous! I had been eying off an Erte calendar here – but it was nowhere as nice. God thing I’ve been strict about buying stuff for myself ….

  17. That is a bigger pot – two sizes bigger than he was in before. Do you think I need to repot him into a bigger one again?

    He’s been getting lots of rain – its rained solid for nearly a week.

  18. I honestly don’t think you’ll make H II into a decent tree now.
    I would skip him and start over even with the fresh growth.

  19. They are both very cute!! Like the “bumble bee” spider. 🙂

  20. That’s an interesting one. Would you stick with the colours as charted or change any?
    I could see this one being hung with the square as a diamond..would look great.

  21. Not seen this one before..Looks like it has some lovely huge Rhodes stitches near the edges, lovely.

  22. Sticking with the colors as charted – but stitching it on black fabric. I’ve seen it done that way and it looks totally awesome!

  23. Its got Rhodes and Jessicas and LOTS of specialty stitches – I just think it would be a FUN stitch 🙂 Will select another fabric for it though. Only 11×11 including margin so plenty of stash to choose from ….

  24. I really like this one, too (it’s purple, you know) – I may get in on it near the end, if paying taxes doesn’t break the bank in a couple of months…

  25. Are you going to do this on black?

  26. I love elements of this, but the shape weirds me out. I don’t know if I would get over it working on it, or not. Though I would be tempted to leave out those triangles between the points, or morph those into a more regular shape. I love the whole square section…

  27. Beautiful ornie Chele! That’s another lovely dress design Mel, are there more in the series?

  28. Yep – this is a different series to the ones I have already stitched. This is Moscow in white and I know there is a blue and a red in this series. I cannot buy them in Australia so must rely on generous RAKs for them 🙂

  29. Really??? I will keep an eye out – I have no idea what I would do with any of these, but since you’ve done the red & black ones, they are speaking to me, especially this white one!

  30. Nice ornie. Love the chart too.

  31. I thought these were only available at Herschnerrs – which cost a mint to post to Australia – but now I see them at Sew and So:

    I’ll send you the chart for the white one as soon as I’ve stitched it if you like.

  32. Really? That would be wonderful!

  33. Done. I plan on taking this one to the cricket with me – so if I actually can stitch it should be a relatively quick finish.

  34. Some great gifts and already sought after, it looks like!

  35. It would be strange to llike something no-one else does 🙂

  36. Katie’s nursery was done in Winnie the Pooh. Jeff and I were at a garage sale while I was pregnant and found this poor, loved-to-death Eeyore on sale for .05 but he was beyond grungy. I looked at Jeff and told him that, for a nickel, if we washed him and he fell apart, we would only lose a nickel. Well, we washed him in the washing machine TWICE and he came out all loveable and perfectly clean. Little broken neck, obviously from being hauled around by it by some child, tattered fur and all. He’s still my idea of the perfect Eeyore!

  37. Lovely goodies, Mel. You certainly deserve them!! Enjoy them all and have a fabulous stitching year!

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