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Well last week’s update was a Thursday and Friendly Stitcher’s updates seem to be on a Thursday so Thursday I guess it is.

Two major derailment this week, Diablo III and the flu.  We are a plague house at present so thinking and typing through a head cold and a migraine, well let’s just say that I’ve managed to re-watch the entire of Season One of Murdoch Mysteries this week!

I received an invite to the Diablo III beta test as part of my World of Warcraft Annual Pass and, not having played the game before in any of its previous incarnations, nor bothering to read anything about it, I jumped straight in.  Four hours later, I emerged.  I then spent a number of days chatting and reading on the forums understanding how the game was supposed to work versus how I was playing it. For example I learned that single point-of-view was a feature of the game, not simply me not figuring out how to pan the camera angle 🙂   Final conclusion, will continue to play this as a “casual” game when it comes out in its proper format and would LOVE to find some friends to try the game as a group rather than solo.

Mum’s been off work. She’s in an “if you don’t go to work you don’t get paid” job which is ridiculous in a respite and health care worker for elderly, disabled and otherwise frail people. If mum goes to work with a cold, some of her patients can get pneumonia and die. She cannot just take a few over-the-counter meds and work through it, she must take the health of her patients into account.Also this week I had a number of very long and extremely polite  phone calls with Centrelink until they eventually decided that yes I was to be put back onto sickness benefits until after the specialists visit in June. I’ve also caught mum’s cold.  So life here has not been a bundle of laughs.

So no stitching on a secret project. No stashing. Stashing and spending hiatus again. Until Mum’s fully back at work we don’t know if we can afford the trip the Melbourne.

But this week, even with the flu developing and looking after Mrs Cranky-Pants all week, I did manage to get some stitching in.  Last night I finally finished Part One of Mouse’s Dawn of Spring SAL.

Dawn of Spring - Part 1 completed

This is stitched on a piece of untitled Dovestitch evenweave given to me by Tina last year.  I’ve stitched it as follows:

First row: Bane Berry Bright (Vicky Clayton)
Second Row: Bane Berry (Vicky Clayton)
Third Row Crossed Cushion Stitch: Camouflage (Caron Wildflowers)
Third Row Smyrna Crosses: Bane Berry Bright (Vicky Clayton)

I also noticed this week that I’ve written over 100 posts on Project-a-Day. Today’s post, when I get it written, will be post 110.  Wow!  I had no idea I had written that many!

Finally I must give a shout-out to the girls on Stitching Hangout, especially Sisu, Kay, Katie and Cyn who decided that as a Goth Tigger I needed a Pretty Pink Dress to wear, and recommended these …..

Hello Kitty Wedding Dress

Lolita Dress

Hideous Dress 1

They were egged on by Melissa, Tina, Lana, Colleen, Alana, Rae, Deb and Niina who all voted on which of these I should acquire (all of them, one said!)  Ha! It was all a plot by the Pink Brigade!  I see it all now! I’m not paranoid!  Who’s paranoid?  Who said that?  Where’s the pink? No more pink!!!!!!

Seriously, thanks for the laughs in the last few days ladies, I didn’t mention anything on list, but I really really needed the mental boost 🙂

So this week, to continue the Project-a-Day, Mouse’s SAL will probably be set aside until I’m over the flu as I need to concentrate to graph in my initials, so it looks like it’s back to my other Blue piece Turple!


    • Rae Kennon
    • Posted 19 April 2012 at 13:57
    • Permalink

    DH is out of town so I’m having trouble sleeping. I know I will pay for this in the morning but oh well.
    Words can not express what I thought about the Hello Kitty dress. Hurl comes to mind though. I must give props to the person that designed it because they will probably make tons of money selling them. Why can’t I think of something like that so I can be rich? I do however think it would be great fun for someone to Photoshop your head onto that dress so we could all see how beautiful you actually look in it. ROFL
    Rae in Arkansas

  1. Mel, is the Melbourne trip for the specialist visit?

    If so, and you’re struggling to make it, please, please ask us out here for help. I couldn’t contribute much, but I could a bit and if a few of us tried, we might be able to help get you there.

    You NEED that specialist visit. Please, be willing to ask for help to get there if you need it.

  2. So sorry about the lurgy, hugs to you both. Love the DoS, will have to look up the colours. Hope you are soon in the pink, oh whoops, can’t believe I said that!

    • Sisu
    • Posted 19 April 2012 at 20:45
    • Permalink

    Glad you’re getting a little stitching in. It’s good therapy even in small doses. Glad you posted your top picks in the pink dresses. It will help us all choose one for you, LOL.

    • Michele Anderson
    • Posted 20 April 2012 at 05:43
    • Permalink

    Hi Mel,

    I am with Kerry! If you need some help to get to Melbourne, ESPECIALLY if it is the specialist visit – holler out soon enough so we can all help you! Paypal is a wonderful and almost instant way to send funds!!! I am not kidding here either – LADY JANE!!!!

    On to stitching, the Mouse SAL looks fabulous!!!

    Pink – I actually loved a whole bunch of those pink wonders they all posted but then that was a given for me!

    Hope the house gets healthy soon!

    Luv and Hugs,

    • kay
    • Posted 20 April 2012 at 07:15
    • Permalink

    Sorry you’ve got the lurgy. You WILL go to see that Specialist even, if Laura and Kerry say, we have to have a whip round.

    Pink is DEFINITELY your colour, especially when you have red hair.

    Hope Mum is feeling better.

    • Cynthia
    • Posted 20 April 2012 at 07:37
    • Permalink

    I lurk often, both the blog and the group site, and by the time I read, usually just enjoy the laughs and move on. Felt compelled to google “ugly pink dress”…. HK came up first. Figured if pink caused hurling, then icing the proverbial cake with smarmy cute rocked!! So I couldn’t resist. I personally promise not to contribute to any fund geared towards it’s purchase!!

    • Lana
    • Posted 24 April 2012 at 11:19
    • Permalink

    Hey, Mel!

    I agree with the rest gang who have chimed in. If you need help getting to Melbourne, HOLLER and loudly. I might not be able to contribute much, but I would be willing to help. As Kay said, you NEED that specialist visit and your friends are willing to help you get there.

    Oh, and I feel your and your Mom’s pain. I was sick with basically the same thing twice in six weeks, just over three weeks between the start of the two. I missed three days of week during the first go around and forced myself to work through the second one. It was not pretty!

    Hugs and Pompoms (which is what the second band of Mouse’s SAL looks like, characters with Pompoms)!


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