Thursday Lack of Stitching Update

I didn’t write one these last week because I had nothing to show.  I did actually do some stitching, I stitched four motifs on A Cat’s Life. Then realised the fourth didn’t match up to an existing motif so I unpicked all four.  Then realised the mistake was in the existing motif and all four were fine and could have stayed in.  I put that project that away. So no photos and in reality, no progress.

This week we’ve had intermittent blackouts all week so no stitching at night.  The blackouts have started around 4pm and usually last through until 9pm.  Last night’s started at 9:30pm and didn’t finish until after midnight.  So I’ve been pushing to finish project-a-day during daylight hours while all the lawnmowers etc are going on outside.

Over on PTPlus Yahoo Group Vanessa asked overnight:

Are you a destination stitcher or a journey stitcher? Do you stitch to see the finished piece or do you not care what the subject is or how long it takes because it’s all just x’s that you enjoy?

Back on 2006-2008 I was working 50 hours weeks (either as a Public Library branch manager + every weekend shift I could get my hands on or as a University Library Cataloguing Team Leader + commute) but it was also the most prolific stitching period of my life.  I stitched more hours per week and finished more projects than at any other time.

Now in 2012 I don’t work at all, I have 24 hours a day to stitch and I’ve stitched maybe two hours this week.  I do live in pain 24 hours a day and I do set myself tasks like the Project-a-day blog to stop me going stir-crazy but the drive and passion is gone. I thought that now I stitch for relaxation, that I had become a journey stitcher, but maybe I’m just a destination stitcher who has lost her way.

Or maybe I’m just a procrastinator who types too much and doesn’t pick up a needle anywhere near often enough.

I’m off to work on Mouse’s Dawn of Spring SAL because I’m still working on the flower motifs on the first row of Part 2 when Part 3 comes out today.  If you are a member of PTPlus Yahoo Group pop on over and answer Vanessa’s question.  If not, answer below: are you are journey stitcher, or a destination stitcher?  Or like me, just need a swift kick up the bum sometimes 🙂


3 thoughts on “Thursday Lack of Stitching Update

  1. I’d say for 95% of my life I’ve been a journey stitch as my vast supply of WIPs can attest, but lately…. I need a swift kick in the rear 🙂 of course if I didn’t have three kids going in three different directions at the same time 6 days a week requiring Mom’s Taxi Service… I might get more done. But unless I have a specific deadline, it’s the journey for me!

  2. A Journey Stitcher for sure. I stitch far more while employed as well. Stitching was a way to unwind, relax, and take my mind of whatever happened at work that day. Now there is no need for that outlet. If I need to ‘get away’, I simply put off that chore for an hour, go outside and listen to the birds, throw a line of the dock, or putter around in the yard. Itend to take my stitching with me to doctors appointments and such where there is no ‘escape’, but don’t work on it as much at home. Maybe 30 minutes a day.

  3. I almost put myself in the journey category because I find a great deal of satisfaction in the process of stitching. I even find my myself stitching designs that have no special appeal because I just have to be stitching something. This is especially true for small travel projects. However, after a bit more thought, I decided that I’m really a destination stitcher. I don’t think the process would be as appealing without the sense of accomplishment I feel when I put the last stitch in a piece. Unfortunately, I don’t feel the same way about framing and most of my finishes are stored in a drawer. 🙁

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