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Over on the Stitching Hangout we are about to start a Chocolate Swap.  Yes other groups have talked about this on and off for a few months now, but we are DOING IT!

So, for our first exchange the theme will be ….. CHOCOLATE. You can send to your designated partner chocolate bars, chocolate boxes. Some people unfortunately do not or cannot eat it so the exchange will also include chocolate themed stitching items. Charts, threads, fabrics etc. If you don’t stitch then chocolate cookery recipes, or items. Chocolate to drink. If none of this is suitable then how about chocolate wool for those who knit or chocolate coloured fabric for the quilters. Its just a case of using your imagination and we all know that you all have loads of that 🙂 :).

Postage for such an exchange can quickly escalate, especially if you elect to send internationally.  We request that you keep your package around one pound or under 500gm in weight. For those feeling more expansive the maximum weight is 2lbs.

We’ve set up a database but please be VERY EXPLICIT in your likes and dislikes.  The more you put down, the better your partner can pick something you really like. Sign ups will be until the middle of June and I’ll send out partners around the end of the month.

Anyone can join in. The more the merrier.

Here’s the link to put your name down if you are interested in joining this exchange 🙂


Chocolate coloured Wool

Over at The Stitching Hangout, April’s monthly theme is Blue which is fine, most of my projects are associated with blue in one way or another. Also you can have fun with Blue associated concepts:

  • I’ll feel Blue if I don’t get it finished.
  • I’ve made so many mistakes by language is turning the air blue
  • The subject matter could be saucy or could be a blue, depending on how you look at it

Picture this Plus - Loch

You can have fun with blue!  We are, however, having a poll, for the monthly theme for May. Now for the last few days Pink and Orange have been publicly calling for support on the list trying to bulk up numbers and out do each other.

Picture this Plus - Diva

Pink – good grief, Pink!  I’m a Goth Tigger – why would I vote for pink? {shudder} {twitch} {shudder}  So I cast my vote for Orange.  Not only did I cast my vote, I put my money where my mouth was and purchased a piece and have two charts to choose from to stitch when Orange beats Pink!

Picture this Plus - Voodoo

However, while Pink and Orange were calling for public supporters on the list, Purple has sneaked ahead.  Purple! Nary a word was said, but it is out in the lead! What on earth project do I have for purple? And what concepts are associated with purple? There’s green with envy and tickled pink – what do we associate with purple?

Picture this Plus - Flapper

If you’re a member of Stitching Hangout, or want to be a member of Stitching Hangout, go vote or change your vote! You can vote for as many colours as you like. Oh and suggest some concepts for some of these colours please?

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