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While I’ve been gleefully plotting and planning Kay’s birthday surprise with a few of her friends for the last month, some people have done some plotting and planning of their own!

Junior Mints Dinky Dyes Socks

From Sisu

From Sisu I received some of my very favourite American chocolates ever!  Yes you see empty packets in this photo!!  A pair of socks to remind me what my very favourite American chocolates are – Sisu is very thoughtful as she knows how shockingly poor my memory can get 🙂 Finally there is the most gorgeous bookmark chart and floss for me to make up as a memory to Trubs.  You picked well Sisu – the cat in the model even has one ginger hind leg like Trubs did …

Thank you so much Sisu – it is a wonderful parcel full of thoughtful perfect gifts!



Vickery Collection Carries Threads Inkcircles Scissors Fob

From Rosanne

From Rosanne I received her copy of Mike Vickery’s Celtic Cross Stitch book.  I discussed stitching some of my secret Christmas stitching projects from this book and Rosanne offered to send me her copy.  Not only did she ignore all offers of payment, she also sent me the cutest little scissor fob – a beaded one that Abby hopefully wont focus attention on.  And if that wasn’t enough she also included four skeins of Carries silks, for the Ink Circles chart, Red Square.

Thank you so much, the inclusions were a real surprise, and your letters brought tears to my eyes.  You wouldn’t accept payment for the book, but I’ll figure out something!


Chatelaine Debbie

From Debbie

Debbie sent me the kit (minus fabric) for Chatelaine Midi Mystery IV!  Such a generous surprise! I’ve barely finished Midi Mystery I, but as Debbie says I now have no excuses not to finish the set!

Thank you Debbie, your kindness is as usual, overwhelming!  And thank you for the mystery!  Over a week of wondering who this as from!  This is karma for the fun I was plotting for Kay – wasn’t it ….



Thank you so much my friends – you never cease to amaze me!

teapot teacup divas birthday

I’m wondering if Miss A and Kay collaborated …. Kay sent me lots of unique tea bags. Miss A gives me a cute little one person teapot and teacup.

I love the teapot!  I dislike the taste of tannin so I drink my tea quite weak (yes comment if you must). The wide mouth of the cup ensures that my tea cools fast enough that I cn drink both cups out of the pot before the tannin has stewed out of the leaves.  It’s perfect for me!

And the “divas” on the cup make me smile every time I use it!

The other main present from Miss A were these socks.  Holeproof Explorers made from bamboo silk!  And yes, one pair is fluorescent yellow!  These are the socks she gave me while we were in and out of the hospital earlier this month.  I put on the fluro yellow socks whenever I feel down now.  I seem to be amassing a collection of socks – this is a good thing 🙂

Miss A Birthday

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