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Mum has a huge yard and unfortunately we haven’t been able to keep with up it.  Through serendipity last weekend, we now have a regular lawn care mowing service from here in the hamlet that is extremely reliable and affordable *and* we have a garden maintenance service from the next village over! He will be spending quite a bit of time over the next month or so licking the grounds into shape, but he is looking to expand his service into our hamlet, so once he has our place in shape, he will drop in for a weekly maintenance hour on his rounds.  This will keep the gardens looking great and improve mum’s mental health enormously.

For example, the front garden went from this:

Left Front Garden - Before photo

To this:

Right Front Garden - After photo

Some other areas he will work on over the coming weeks are like this one, where it’s now being regularly mowed, but the shrubs need to be weeded, pruned into shape and fertilised.

Side Yard - Photo taken 4 May 2012

I also have a full crop of medlars this year!  Does anyone have any medlar recipes to share? This tree is 6 foot tall; Ian – do you remember when we bought this one?

Medlar Tree in full fruit

And that fruit is huge – each one is larger than a plum! So … any suggestion on recipes?

In the meantime, we’re watching to see what comes up in the front garden – we have a lot of bulbs in there.  Also mum is looking for winter plants to pop in the garden.  I suggested Hellebores for a winter flower that copes with the frost.  Any other suggestions or recommendations?

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