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Closeup of Stitching

Thank you to:

Tina Starke
Lyne Blodgett
Paula Hubert
Cynthia Ward
Karen Rife
Sisu Lull
Michelle Anderson
Tracy Horner
Trish Froggatt
Rosanne Derrett
Claire Jaffe
Kay Jones
Mariann Mader
Debbie Lord

These 14 friends got together some ago, instigated by Tina, plotted and planned, and then all stitched upon this gift for me.  All of their needles have been though this fabric.  All of their hands have touched it. If the frogs have visited then all of their voices would have cursed over it 😀

The last name on the list Debbie, lives in Australia, and she had the piece framed and sent to me.  She was originally going to visit and deliver in person, but my migraines precluded that 🙁

Framed Piece

I was originally going to put here a humorous anecdote about Debbie being mysterious about a parcel she was sending and the postal worker warning me the monitor box was too light and I should open it in the post office instead of taking it home in case parts are missing, but instead I will just copy a portion of the email I send to the above friends earlier this morning:

I really can’t believe all that time effort that you guys put into this for me.  It’s beautiful and I love it. From the fabric and floss choices which appear to be Silkweavers Wandering Ivy (a favourite) and Vikki Clayton’s Dragon Hoard (did Karen pick that out?) the colours are so vibrant and so gorgeous!

It makes me smile every time I see it.  I know I have lost touch with some of you and I would like to rectify that 🙂 and for those I still keep in regular contact with – thank you from the bottom of my heart! Thank you especially to Tina who I believe is the instigator of this caper?  You minx you! And all of you for holding out on me – not one word out-of-place from anyone!  I didn’t have a single inkling ….

We have hung it pride of place in the lounge room in line of sight from my usual spot so I can see it whatever I am doing. Thank you, you have brought portable sunshine into my home 🙂

Again I say thank you. I keep typing words down but they cannot express the “oh wow” I feel every time I see it or the warmth I feel for every one of you wonderful women.  You have placed a permanent part of yourselves in my home and in my heart.


Bad Photo but it does show the true colours of the piece

Well it’s a very small stitching update …

I’ve put needle to thread every single day for the last three weeks on Mariann’s Round Robin and unfortunately all I’ve managed is three motifs … well almost three motifs … as can be seen the clown is still headless …

There’s a few hundred stitches there and in some other Round Robins that might be considered OK progress, unfortunately Mariann’s project is HUGE:

See that line there on the bottom left, that’s where my little three motifs get added in.  They don’t even fill the line across 🙁  This is straight simple cross stitch in DMC on linen. I had big plans to great swathes of this project.  But it wasn’t to be.  After three weeks of daily torture I’ve managed to grind out three motifs.

As I’m already two months behind in sending this on (thanks to the migraines/move across the country etc).  I am officially giving up.  This is the most disappointed I’ve been on any of my round robin work, but I’m passing it on to the next person.  Sisu it’s going in the mail today.

Yep, even with 2010 being what it was, I’m still making some goals for 2011.  Admittedly these aren’t life-consuming stressful goals.

  • Keep up with my stitching commitments and not commit to anything else until I complete the commitments I have. This is where I am letting others down as well as myself. Kay’s RR is being worked on now, and Rosanne’s (which is due to be posted in Feb) is already here.  Also I have shamefully long overdue stitching to be done for Laura and Hilary.
  • Stitch and finish Mariann’s birthday present. A couple of years ago Mariann specially made up for me instructions and a kit to start Hardanger or drawn thread work. There is now a person coming to the Colours Down Under friday night sessions who does a lot of this stuff and has agreed to help all of us through starting with hardanger and drawn thread.  My project for this get-together will be Mariann’s Birthday present.
  • Decide to either fully join in BAPXS and other stitching groups again, or to leave. This half-assed crap that I’m doing with yahoogroups is not conducive to anything productive. On a related note – is anyone interested in taking over the Wednesday Wobble as I’ve really let that aspect down too.
  • Finish presents I have started for other people. i’m thinking here mainly of Wild Thing for Alison and Ash for Kim, but I’m sure there are a few others buried deep in the WIP pile.
  • Finish at least one Chatelaine project.  This will most likely beMidi Mystery 1 or Mystery IX but I have a few others kitted up so you never know.
  • Start and finish at least two new projects, one from Inkcircles and one from Cross Eyed Kat.  I have the projects in mind, I just have to rummage through my stash to *find* the charts, threads and fabric.
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