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Due to many factors mostly stemming from my migraine still being with me (started late March and here still here) I have been very quiet on my blogs and with my stitching.

The treatment for my migraine revolves around short-term medication leading to regular sleep patterns and lifestyle changes (both work and at home). As part of this, I’m getting back into my stitching and  reconnecting with the world again.  Anyway enough whinging, onto the update:

Stitching update!


In June I finished off poor Jasper in Bloom.  Jasper was a project I cross-stitched in May-July 2008 as one of my train commuter projects.  Unfortunately the back stitching was getting me down so I put him away.  I found him last month while looking for a different project, and decided to “be good” and just struggle through the back stitching.  The struggle turned out to be a mere two nights in front of the TV, and he was done.

A lesson there in building molehills into mountains and the fear is worse than the event and a few other platitudes.

I then, flushed with this success, went back to New York and finished it off completely.  The silver scroll-work was a pain to do on Aida but well it always is 🙂  This Vervaco kit, unlike Moscow, contained enough fibres to complete the whole project.  I’ve included a photo of the finish here so you can see that Vervaco uses generous fabric sizes in their kits.  If only they included evenweave or linen as an option…

In late June-early July my mum visited for a fortnight. Mum brought over all of her finishes so we took them down for a Show and Tell visit to Colours Down Under 🙂

While mum was here, I mentioned that I had a “Fall limited edition” range of Carrie’s Threads that was released in a collaboration pack a couple of years earlier.  I hadn’t given away any of the threads because they all blended well together but I hadn’t found a chart that I could use them on.  Coincidentally, the next day Tracy released a new free pattern, Celtic Spiral, to those on the Inkcircles email list.  Mum and I pulled out those threads and some fabric and started stitching!


Unfortunately for the stitching, I introduced mum to World of Warcraft that night and no further stitching was done for the rest of the visit.  The day she flew home I sat and stitched the rest of this piece, all except for the last 10 stitches.  You see mum and I both chose one colour the same in our palettes and I gave the rest of the skein to mum to take home with her.  I was a) quite sure I had enough and b) given our history mum always finishes our collaborated projects months ahead of me. In this instance, I was wrong on both counts.

Mum has popped a length of the thread in the mail and when it finally arrives I will finish off this poor thing.  Or not.  I just found out that the direction of the project should have been reversed for the Southern hemisphere.  {insert expletive here}.

After that I became all enthusiastic about our private round robin group starting up again, so I pulled out the Historical Dress Sampler that went around last year. I had great plans to stitch up the rest of the grey border pieces to make life easier for placement for the others. In the next four weeks I stitched precisely 10 stitches on it.  I gave up and just sent it on as is.  I feel so ashamed that I just couldn’t motivate myself enough enough to stitch on it.

After it went, I started a new project, a piece for a friend’s birthday in late August.  So this is my focus piece for the next few weeks.  I’ll put up a separate blog with pictures and progress on this project on the weekend.  I was going great guns until I found one row of the wording was out of alignment, so I’ve unpicked it.  Hopefully I can have that area restitched before Sunday.  I will once again be using the Sunday updates to help keep up my motivation.

And that’s it – all my stitching over the past two months 🙂

Yes Don’t fall over in a faint – I know I haven’t posted a Sunday update in quite a while …..

While I was in Perth last month, I started Wizard’s Inkwell.  Thank you so much to Paula for the suggestion – this looks like a fun project and the colours so far seem to be working well.  I am waiting on some Kreinik braid to arrive before I move onto the next part of this one.


Also while I was in Perth, I started some of the masses of back stitching required for Jasper.  Two side of the frame have been fully back stitched.  the other two sides are barely started and the actual middle is barely started. I worked on this for about 15 hours ……

Finally this week I gritted my teeth, swore at my eyesight and did BoInk Part 7.  I loved this part – I love Celtic Swirls …..  This part’s photo was taken outside so the colouring is quite different from previous photographs.  The dark blue stands out so much more but the green looks muted and washed out ….

Anyway – that’s my progress.  Hope everyone else had a good week this week.

closeup (1)

Again with the stresses of work, the commute and internet mod duties I haven’t done any stitching at home this week.

I did however do quite a bit of stitching on the train – an extraordinary amount when you consider I cat nap on most trips.  Friday was the worst  I had to be woken when the train was pulling into my stop in the morning and I woke myself just as it was pulling into my stop Friday night. First time  I ever almost missed my stop on the way home. Even more extraordinary when there were monster children screaming in my carriage and I could hear drunks further down in other carriages.  I was just exhausted Friday.

The weirdest part was after I came home and started chatting on the email and then watching Eerie Indiana I stayed up until 1am !!!   Eerie Indiana is a kids show I watched nearly 15 years ago now.  You know those times when you are so sick that for nearly a week you just lie on the lounge and don’t move and nap and doze and eventually get up the energy to go and make another cup of tea?  I was home sick for one of those for about a week a while ago. Can’t even remember where or when.  Anyway this show came on and I really liked it.  Watched a couple of episodes over the week and then went back to work.

I’ve never found it since although I have looked and looked for it.  Finally found it (and at a reasonable price) at   last week.  It arrived Friday and I watch 4 of the 40min long episodes that night.  I love this show !!!  Pity they only made 19 episodes.

At the same time I also finally got myself a copy of the TV miniseries Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman.  I have read at least three different novelisations of this and again have been looking for a copy of the original TV version.  I will watch this later – its one of those you have to concentrate a bit on ….

Oh and of course as soon as I rung Stephen to let him know my good news, I discovered he had obtained a copy himself the day before and was planning on lending it to me.  (The amount of times this happens between the two of us alternately amuses and terrifies me).

Anyway stitching.

All the cross stitching is now done. All that remains is the backstitching. I cannot backstitch over already stitched work on 16ct Aida on a train – so this one will go into the “wait till I get time at home pile”. Goodness knows when I will actually get to it – there is a fair amount of backstitching on this one and I haven’t stitched at home in weeks.


Something in Red.
Still don’t know what I’m going to do with Black Beauty – probably order a new skein of GAST Black Crow and start again. I *think* I have more of this Ivory linen. Its not good quality linen but I do want these two to match – so on the same exact piece of fabric would be good. This is again train stitching with just a wee bit on Friday night … No mistakes so far and I have finished the bottom half of the dress.

Red 22 June 2008

In other news, lots of chatting with my support network and dinner with my best friend last night has really cheered me up and lifted the malaise my emotion’s have been under over the last couple of weeks so I am back to being happy.

Now just to force myself to work through the blue on black problem on BoInk and to write a job application.  I detest writing job applications. I wasted all day yesterday because of the procrastination.  I didn’t want to write the application, but the guilt wouldn’t let me do anything else until the app was written so I cleaned house a little, bought unnecessary items for the dinner party etc etc until 5pm when I finally forced myself to sit down and start the blasted thing – whereupon I realised I need more information.  I need more info on the software packages the organisation uses and the layout of the hierarchy etc etc.  So I will talk to the official contact person for the job on Monday and I will also find out any goss from people at work.  The University Library sector is so small that surely someone knows someone who works there …

So today I am free from the guilt paralysation and I am determined (Oh I can’t used that word without thinking of the Gruen Transfer now!  One of our banks has adopted the new slogan “determined to be different”.  Wil Anderson asks “what would the bank say if I went in there and said yes I’m determined to pay of my mortgage”.)

Anyway I’m determined to make progress son BoInk today.  and watch a little more Eerie Indiana ….

Oh and finally – my backyard is “finished”.  I’ve uploaded pics into here.


Yes I have one – well actually its last Sunday’s ….

With everything going on and all the ups and downs I haven’t done any stitching at home for over two weeks now.

He’s a picture of Jasper.  I’ve been stitching him on the train and did a tiny little bit in Perth last weekend.

Off to dye my hair and hopefully get some stitching in on BoInk.  Who on earth was the bright spark who decided that stitching dark blue on black would be a good thing to do in Winter …. oh that’s right – me.

All the cross stitching is now done. All that remains is the backstitching. I cannot backstitch over already stitched work on 16ct Aida on a train – so this one will go intot he “wait till I get time at home pile”. Goodness knows when I will actually get to it – there is a fair amount of backstitching on this one.

My BoInk relaxation project

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