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Plans and priorities to keep me on track and focused for the week ahead:



  • Darkmoon Faire – exulted reputation achieved! Nothing required for this week.

Project-a-Day blog:

  • Waiting on “Summer Amuses” winner to contact me with address.
  • All other give away charts that have been claimed are in the mail.
  • Continue adding floss to inventory spreadsheet with a view to keeping accurate information on “kitting up” or “ready to start” information.
  • Review, check links and images on Jan-Mar posts.

Main Blog:

  • Write Mother’s Day post
  • Write Blackie post
  • Work out why my Stitching Friends blog feed isn’t working ….
  • Respond to overnight comments each morning
  • Take photos of gifts from the last six months to put up thank you posts
  • Finish “thinky” post on Pinterest.

Email group tasks:

  • Catch up on group list emails – a little a day on each group
  • Keep an eye on the Stitching Hangout June Poll – Pink is still in the lead ….

Eat lunch.


I didn’t write one these last week because I had nothing to show.  I did actually do some stitching, I stitched four motifs on A Cat’s Life. Then realised the fourth didn’t match up to an existing motif so I unpicked all four.  Then realised the mistake was in the existing motif and all four were fine and could have stayed in.  I put that project that away. So no photos and in reality, no progress.

This week we’ve had intermittent blackouts all week so no stitching at night.  The blackouts have started around 4pm and usually last through until 9pm.  Last night’s started at 9:30pm and didn’t finish until after midnight.  So I’ve been pushing to finish project-a-day during daylight hours while all the lawnmowers etc are going on outside.

Over on PTPlus Yahoo Group Vanessa asked overnight:

Are you a destination stitcher or a journey stitcher? Do you stitch to see the finished piece or do you not care what the subject is or how long it takes because it’s all just x’s that you enjoy?

Back on 2006-2008 I was working 50 hours weeks (either as a Public Library branch manager + every weekend shift I could get my hands on or as a University Library Cataloguing Team Leader + commute) but it was also the most prolific stitching period of my life.  I stitched more hours per week and finished more projects than at any other time.

Now in 2012 I don’t work at all, I have 24 hours a day to stitch and I’ve stitched maybe two hours this week.  I do live in pain 24 hours a day and I do set myself tasks like the Project-a-day blog to stop me going stir-crazy but the drive and passion is gone. I thought that now I stitch for relaxation, that I had become a journey stitcher, but maybe I’m just a destination stitcher who has lost her way.

Or maybe I’m just a procrastinator who types too much and doesn’t pick up a needle anywhere near often enough.

I’m off to work on Mouse’s Dawn of Spring SAL because I’m still working on the flower motifs on the first row of Part 2 when Part 3 comes out today.  If you are a member of PTPlus Yahoo Group pop on over and answer Vanessa’s question.  If not, answer below: are you are journey stitcher, or a destination stitcher?  Or like me, just need a swift kick up the bum sometimes 🙂


Due to a combination of medical issues and just sitting around the house all day I’ve gotten behind on a lot of things, so I’m writing this post mainly for myself, but I’m putting it here in case there’s stuff I’m missing or its obvious to others that I’m focusing in the wrong areas, etc.  Anyway it’s a work in progress and I’m adding things as I think of them. It’s lunch time and I’ve done a bit of hard work this morning so the brain is already fogging up.

Plans and priorities to keep me on track and focused for the week ahead:



  • Darkmoon Faire – should have exulted reputation by the end of the week.

Project-a-Day blog:

  • Keep up with writing posts.
  • Respond to overnight comments each morning
  • Send out promised “Given away” charts.
  • Restart inventory spreadsheet with a view to keeping accurate information on “kitting up” or “ready to start” information.

Main Blog:

  • Work out why my Stitching Friends blog feed isn’t working ….
  • Respond to overnight comments each morning
  • Take photos of gifts from the last six months to put up thank you posts
  • Finish “thinky” post on Pinterest.

Email group tasks:

  • Catch up on group list emails – a little a day on each group
  • Wednesday Wobble questions and reminder posts for all of May have been written for The Stitching Hangout 🙂
  • Keep an eye on the Stitching Hangout June Poll – Pink is still in the lead ….

Eat lunch.


Well last week’s update was a Thursday and Friendly Stitcher’s updates seem to be on a Thursday so Thursday I guess it is.

Two major derailment this week, Diablo III and the flu.  We are a plague house at present so thinking and typing through a head cold and a migraine, well let’s just say that I’ve managed to re-watch the entire of Season One of Murdoch Mysteries this week!

I received an invite to the Diablo III beta test as part of my World of Warcraft Annual Pass and, not having played the game before in any of its previous incarnations, nor bothering to read anything about it, I jumped straight in.  Four hours later, I emerged.  I then spent a number of days chatting and reading on the forums understanding how the game was supposed to work versus how I was playing it. For example I learned that single point-of-view was a feature of the game, not simply me not figuring out how to pan the camera angle 🙂   Final conclusion, will continue to play this as a “casual” game when it comes out in its proper format and would LOVE to find some friends to try the game as a group rather than solo.

Mum’s been off work. She’s in an “if you don’t go to work you don’t get paid” job which is ridiculous in a respite and health care worker for elderly, disabled and otherwise frail people. If mum goes to work with a cold, some of her patients can get pneumonia and die. She cannot just take a few over-the-counter meds and work through it, she must take the health of her patients into account.Also this week I had a number of very long and extremely polite  phone calls with Centrelink until they eventually decided that yes I was to be put back onto sickness benefits until after the specialists visit in June. I’ve also caught mum’s cold.  So life here has not been a bundle of laughs.

So no stitching on a secret project. No stashing. Stashing and spending hiatus again. Until Mum’s fully back at work we don’t know if we can afford the trip the Melbourne.

But this week, even with the flu developing and looking after Mrs Cranky-Pants all week, I did manage to get some stitching in.  Last night I finally finished Part One of Mouse’s Dawn of Spring SAL.

Dawn of Spring - Part 1 completed

This is stitched on a piece of untitled Dovestitch evenweave given to me by Tina last year.  I’ve stitched it as follows:

First row: Bane Berry Bright (Vicky Clayton)
Second Row: Bane Berry (Vicky Clayton)
Third Row Crossed Cushion Stitch: Camouflage (Caron Wildflowers)
Third Row Smyrna Crosses: Bane Berry Bright (Vicky Clayton)

I also noticed this week that I’ve written over 100 posts on Project-a-Day. Today’s post, when I get it written, will be post 110.  Wow!  I had no idea I had written that many!

Finally I must give a shout-out to the girls on Stitching Hangout, especially Sisu, Kay, Katie and Cyn who decided that as a Goth Tigger I needed a Pretty Pink Dress to wear, and recommended these …..

Hello Kitty Wedding Dress

Lolita Dress

Hideous Dress 1

They were egged on by Melissa, Tina, Lana, Colleen, Alana, Rae, Deb and Niina who all voted on which of these I should acquire (all of them, one said!)  Ha! It was all a plot by the Pink Brigade!  I see it all now! I’m not paranoid!  Who’s paranoid?  Who said that?  Where’s the pink? No more pink!!!!!!

Seriously, thanks for the laughs in the last few days ladies, I didn’t mention anything on list, but I really really needed the mental boost 🙂

So this week, to continue the Project-a-Day, Mouse’s SAL will probably be set aside until I’m over the flu as I need to concentrate to graph in my initials, so it looks like it’s back to my other Blue piece Turple!

OK I think I’ve turned this into three or four different posts – so I’m going to trim and edit and put this back to just a stitching update and publish it and then have a go at the other things I want to say in other posts – because it’s now Thursday late-morning and I still haven’t posted my Tuesday stitching update.  So KISS principle.

I didn’t get as much stitching done as I wanted this past week, but with the nephews here this past weekend that wasn’t a surprise.  I did learn this week of two designers passing away.  Debbie Draper of Debbie Draper Designs passed away on the weekend and Carol Bristow of Carol’s Needle Sketches passed away last month.

Debbie died of a heart attack and Carol’s blogging of her stitching projects implies that her death was also unexpected. It’s a sobering reminder that no matter how much we stash or plan or look after ourselves, we are not going to be here forever to complete all of our projects.

Carol’s blog particularly depressed me. Will mine look like that when I go? Will all of ours?  It reminded me of Kitt and Marc.

I attempted as usual to cheer myself up with a touch of retail therapy, just a little, by picking up a couple of Debbie Draper designs.  I tried to buy A Dog’s Life to match A Cat’s Life that I blogged about earlier this week. Other people must have had the same idea, as I received an email from the shop to say she has run out of stock and cannot obtain any further charts.  So it may be that Debbie’s family have decided to close down Debbie Draper Designs.

In other stashing news I did finally order the Splendor threads required for Carol’s Begin It design.

Now for the actual stitching:

Turple First Third completed

It wasn’t planned, but when Turple got picked as the Project-a-Day, I sat down, put my evertite frame together for the first time and began stitching!  Progress pictures in the relevant WIP page.

After all of my excited planning and plotting of secret stitching, mum’s hours were severely shortened during and after the Easter break, so no secret stitching so far this month.

I did start Debbie’s A Cat’s Life.  This picture here represents around two hours work. No I didn’t have that massive an attack of the frogs 🙂  My nephews were interested in my stitching.  I’ll talk about that in the next post 🙂 WIP folder is here.

A Cat's Life - after two hours with my nephews

This week has been pretty difficult with higher levels of migraine pain and more people in the house (I can only seem to concentrate these days in complete solitude – maybe I need a writing/stitching gazebo in the middle of nowhere like Neil Gaimen).

Hopefully tomorrow while mum is away for eight hours I might get a crack at her secret project and then over the weekend I will continue Mouse’s SAL. That’s the plan. Tune in next week to see which direction the plans get derailed this time 🙂




Why Tuesday?  Well that seems to be the day I have the most time to write these days, so Tuesday it’s going to be 🙂

I did some more work on Angle of Love over the last week and it’s almost finished.  I think another week of even my glacial pace will have this one finished!


Cross Eyed Kat Angle of Love

31 Mar 2012


However it is now April and I have two stitching projects just starting.  One is Dawn of Spring.

Dawn of Spring is a stitch-a-long (SAL) designed by Mouse and is only available via the Friendly Stitchers yahoogroup. Signup for the SAL are now closed, I just managed to “squeak” in.

I’m stitching this on a piece of unlabeled grey/green Dovestitch fabric that Tina sent as a birthday present last year. I was digging through my pastel threads when I asked mum what Spring brings to mind to her – and she said “ochre colours in all the mud, grey greens in the tall grasses that grow and dusty reds in the native plants“.  So I did what I should have done in the beginning and turned the stash room over to mum.  She put together a number of palettes and I selected the one I liked the most; Vicki Clayton silks, Bane Berry and Bane Berry Bright.  As I had only one skein of each, we’ve added in Caron Wildflowers Camouflage for the specialty stitches.

This is ony the first few stitches of Part one of the SAL.


2 April 2012


Mum really really like one of the other palette combinations she put together, but then went back to Warcraft. Drats I thought we actually got hooked into stitching again, but no she slipped away ….

The third piece I will be working on in secret.  The Stitching Hangout yahoo group‘s monthly theme for April is Blue.  I have a small piece I will be working on, that is on blue fabric and I will feel “blue” if I don’t get it finished in time.  If you want to know, you will have to be a member of the Stitching Hangout.  Or wait until mid-May to find out more.

Well that’s it for this week. Stay tuned, I’m slow but needle is getting through fabric one stitch at a time.


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