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Well the 2009/2010 changeover went very well for me 🙂

Christmas brought lots of presents and thanks to the mail strikes both international and domestic, the presents keep coming. All gifts listed in the Christmas 2009 folder.

On 28 December a few of us got together for a stitching day at Colours Down Under.  A few of the ladies let me take their pictures here.

At that same event, I finished the 2006 Incircles Christmas Ornament, bringing my stitching finishes total up to 10 for the year.  Double digits is fine by me 🙂 Especially as Vienna Ball took most of my emergy last year what with changing states, changing houses (twice) changing work (twice) etc etc.  My 2009 Finishes folder is here.

After a tiring long day at work and getting very close and personal with some helicopters collecting water for firefighting, I decided to spend New Year’s Eve at home. So New Years Day I got a lot of stitching done 🙂

My new starts in late December 2009 and 1 January 2010:

Since I have returned to work and the reality of finances etc etc the stitching has almost stopped.  I’ll have to move house shortly so all of these lovely new starts have been packed away except for Hannah Hummingbird which is on a deadline.

I’ll get back to the others when work slows down and the house move has been completed.

So how was everyone else’s change of year?


Wow a BIG update from me this time!

Presents Out
I have stitched two presents this year.  Both for friends who read my blog so I wont be putting up pictures until after the presents have been opened.

I took both pieces to the Grand Opening of the Colours Down Under bricks and mortar store yesterday and one was snapped up to put on the wall.  I had to apologise and snatch it back to post to my friend.  I think I might be stitching a second copy of that chart up. Pictures of the new store are here.

I have sent out a few non-stitched gifts and a few more Christmas cards to friends, so crossed fingers they all arrive in time.

Other stitching
On Halloween this year Tracy Horner of Inkcircles designs made available the chart, Four in the Bush.  As she suggested here I am stitching this with Carrie’s Threads: Soot, Peach, Pina Colada, Dried Sage, and Garnet.

I’m using Carrie’s silks! I’m loving these silks! They are the easiest threads I have ever stitched with! They glide through the fabric and no tangles or knots. These are the threads you have dreamed about !!!!  Anyway WIP pictures are here.

Presents In
I have received and opened my first Christmas present this year and by sheer coincidence it is from Tracy!  I purchased Reindeer Games: The Huddle and the Celtic Cat notecards from Tracy last month. When Parcel number 2 finally arrived (parcel number 1 is still lost somewhere) it contained all of these goodies:

  • A Beautiful handmade card – stunning!
  • A “Practice Safe Hex” badge {snicker} Will wear this to work!
  • A beautiful red and silver heart fob (so beautiful!)
  • The Inkcircles chart: Smell of Sulfur (my favourite)
  • Some gorgeous Carries Threads in *my* sorts of colours: Epiphany, Jewel of the Nile, Wildfire, Thanksgiving, Green and Wild Orchid!
  • Inkcircles chart: Mother Maya (which I am tempted to stitch in Wildfire!)
  • Inkcircles chart Celtic Beasties: Christmas … or Knot (one of my all-time favourite charts)
  • Inkcircles chart Much Heralded Sampler (which includes all the medieval motifs I adore!)
  • And finally some MEL chocolate (90% bitter) It must have been made for me LOL!

Thank you so much Tracy! This is completely unexpected and just like you to be so generous! Thank you so much my friend!

Picture of this treasure trove is here.

Wow lots of things happening. How’s everyone else’s last couple of weeks been?

Yes I had to include an obligatory photo of Abby!  Trubs was sensibly away from the sun in this near 100oF heat!  Multiply wont let me just upload a pic to a blog entry at the moment, so there’s a series of five *action shots* added to Abby’s folder.


Janine standing in front of her store.

Saturday 12 December 2009

Colours Down Under opened a bricks and mortar shop. No-one besides Janine and Marilyn would be in the photos! Onver a dozen people in the shop, hiding behind me as took each picture!

There is still little bits of refining to do – but the shop looks excellent! Very welcoming and I could sit in there all day and fondle threads and stitch!

Janine’s Blog tell more:

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