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OK so its Monday and this is actually the first one I’ve put up for the year – I’m a slacker 🙂

Well I’ve only had one finish so far this year and an almost finish. BoInk is finished a scant couple of weeks ahead of the pack and Moscow I’m waiting on replacement threads from Vervaco in Belgium.

Round Robins:
Well the International Round Robin is off to a good start this year.  Mine is now with Laura and I’ve just finished my part on Kay’s.  Kay’s was quite fun because its all speciality stitches. Not a standard cross stitch in sight!  Of course I shouldn’t have tried to stitch it with a head cold …..

Well thanks to the vagaries of International mail (and an incompetent nincompoop who actually delivers the mail)  I’ve only received one of my Christmas presents this week.  So Chatelaine Workshop 1 will start at some point in the future even though the actual group is now closed.

I have however started Vienna Ball.  I’m still not 100% happy with my fabric.  But I’m using it anyway.  Part One is the border and I’m less than half way through – but I’ve got a while to catch up, we’re only on Part 4 in the group ….

Black Bloomers:

You’ve all seen Tracy’s pastel masterpiece Bloomers?  Well Tracy has sent me a variation to stitch called Black Bloomers.  I hope to be starting this tonight.

Speaking of International mail, a gift Kay sent back in September 2008 arrived this week!  I had been sent here, never delivered, never found by local postal staff, eventually sent back to the UK, repackaged by Kay and posted to my new Post Box and ta da! it is here.

I adore the stitched dragon in the frame!  This sits next to my monitor every day!  Surprisingly the chocolate was still edible (urp).  The Socks look so kewl and I adore the Devil keyring 🙂 The cat toy squeaks as well as being filled with catnip and on an extra long elastic.  I can’t wait for Trubs to wake up to try this!

After Tracy showed a computer mock-up of Black Bloomers I decided I had to stitch it.  I begged Tracy for the conversion and put in an order for the chart (and the Celtic Ice ornament kit also fell into my basket),

Tracy added the fabric, all the threads and a copy of the Twisted Heart chart to my package.  Isn’t she the sweetest!

Stitching wise that’s about it from me so far this year – I know I’m a slow stitcher 🙂  The picture at the top of the screen is a type of pigeon that I’m now getting to my feeder station.  Sorry for the blurriness of the picture its taken through a screen door and a glass door.  The little things are still fearful and fly off as soon as I poke the camera out the door.

OK time for dinner and then to prepare my clothes, resume etc for an agency interview tomorrow morning.


Wow – I think this is the first actual proper Sunday update I’ve done for the year!

Lets see so far I have one finish which I can’t show until late next month.  I have finished the Inkcircles Mystery Book of InkCircles (BoINK).  You can see all the sections that have been officially released so far here.

For those who want to join in, the parts can be found here.

I didn’t get to join in the unofficial Chatelaine SAL this month, but I am itching to join in next month!  As soon as my 2009 RR piece is finished and on its way to the next person.  I haven’t done much on my RR yet, but photos can be seen here.

The only other piece I have worked on this year is a Vervaco kit called Moscow.  Anyone who remembers “Black Beauty or Something in Red” dresses from last year will recognise this as a similar style.  This kit was a gift from Chele.  Pictures here.

More Vervaco kits can be seen in my temporary Lust List here.

And that’s it from me so far this year.  Except to ask the same question I ask every Sunday evening – why do I have to go to work tomorrow?  Oh yeah that’s right, because I haven’t won Lotto yet.  Maybe I might buy a ticket this year.

Today’s picture du jour is Alison on Christmas Eve.


Its done Its done It”s DONE !!!!!!

I have my first finish for the year and I can’t show a picture.

The very final panel of BoInk is not a difficult stitch but for some reason I had an infestation of Cane Toads!

It is however, after three discs of Farscape Season 1 episodes, finished which therefore makes the whole project DONE!!!!

{happy sigh} Now a spot of dinner and then Farscape Season 1 disc 4 while I go back to starting my RR.

Picture here is Trubs curled up on said RR with a my Chibithulu and Cricket Bear … Yes I love my plushies, (especially my men) ….


Eben and Snooch?  Garfield and Nermal?  No just Trouble and Hemingway sitting in front of mum’s fireplace 🙂

Well this is my first Sunday update in a while – and might be my last for a couple of weeks 🙂

I’m driving to Melbourne tomorrow and it could be another two weeks after that before my Internet is connected at the new place.

Stitching Update:

Corn and Beans by Inkcircles designs
This is the last of the stitching I did on the train commute.  There isn’t much progress, but it is the very last of the “stitched on a train” production, so I wanted to commemorate it with an update.

Sisu’s RR – Friendship Tea Sampler 
A difficult project – I hate blending thread and metallic filaments 🙂 🙂  But I did a good 10 hours and got this little bit done after mucking around with a previous bit that had a a few problems.

Garden Cat by Cross Stitch Art
This one was in mum’s stash.  A recent acquisition she showed me.  I loved it so we looked through her stash and mine and we kitted it up.  I started it Tuesday evening and finished it Saturday evening.

As well as the pics in its own album – I also have a pic on my 2008 Finishes folder.

Finally I’ve also got another section of BoInk finished – but pics for that will have to wait until this part is released.

Yes Don’t fall over in a faint – I know I haven’t posted a Sunday update in quite a while …..

While I was in Perth last month, I started Wizard’s Inkwell.  Thank you so much to Paula for the suggestion – this looks like a fun project and the colours so far seem to be working well.  I am waiting on some Kreinik braid to arrive before I move onto the next part of this one.


Also while I was in Perth, I started some of the masses of back stitching required for Jasper.  Two side of the frame have been fully back stitched.  the other two sides are barely started and the actual middle is barely started. I worked on this for about 15 hours ……

Finally this week I gritted my teeth, swore at my eyesight and did BoInk Part 7.  I loved this part – I love Celtic Swirls …..  This part’s photo was taken outside so the colouring is quite different from previous photographs.  The dark blue stands out so much more but the green looks muted and washed out ….

Anyway – that’s my progress.  Hope everyone else had a good week this week.

closeup (1)

closeup-original closeup-variegated

Well what a week – eye infections, job applications, adverse reactions to the antibiotics for my eyes.  My Director and the University Librarian being very kind to me.

Very little stitching got done.  However I did make a lot of progress yesterday last night and this morning.

I have finished Part 5 of BoInk.  I have finished Part 6 too but pics in a couple of weeks.  It is a very fun part – my favourite so far.

I also finished off Something in Red.  Pics in my finished folder here.  And in its own folder here.  I’ve decided that I will re-start Black Beauty completely and have already ordered another skein of GAST Black Crow and cut more fabric.

Only other stitching news is that I got all excited about my eyesight returning so I started Lyne’s RR last night.  This morning I discover I’m off by one one row so three hours of stitching will need to be frogged and redone ……

Finally I received a wonderful RAK this week.  Gail sent me this chart which she so nicely named after me.  Actually she included two versions.  The original and a variegated

I’m partial to the variegated version but I’m not sure – any thoughts on which version I should stitch first?  Variegated on the left and original on the right.

Hope everyone else has had a happy and productive week – I’m off to frog Lyne’s RR.

Reading the blog of one of my favourite artistsyesterday, she said “Damnit, if I can’t cuddle, I might as well paint!”

Well I’m not an artist and I can’t paint – but I think she has a point.  So today in amongst lots of phone calls and PMs and IMs and txts and all manner of wonderful communications with sooo many people (THANK YOU SO MUCH !!!!)

I soaped.  And then I stitched.

Vanilla Soap
Inspired by my sweetie – but who knows if he’d even like it 🙂 🙂 so I made a whole batch of 12 bars in case anyone else thinks they may like it ….

250gm Coconut Oil
250gm Grapeseed Oil
250gm Lard
250gm Rice Bran Oil

250ml water
137 gm lye
30ml Vanilla fragrance.

Simple plain recipe.  Nothing fancy, no hassles.  Used full water amount to give me more time to play but this soap will take at least 4 and preferably up to 8 weeks for minimum cure for use.

The creative part is in the vanilla fragrance.  This fragrance is known to discolour soap.  It will turn the whole batch a tan or coffee brown over time as the soap cures.

So what I did was pour two thirds (roughly) of the raw soap into the square mould, then mixed the fragrance with the remaining one third and then poured it in as a swirl type pattern.  I then used a spatula to mix it around a little.  This is known as a blind swirl because I wont know until the soap cures what the swirl will actually look like.

I think I may have over-mixed so it will look more marbled than swirled – but the fun part is I have to wait to see what the results of my creation are …..

White Witch Soap
This is a fragrance I bought at Christmas to suit a fragrance a friend wears.  I think she’s liked the bubble bath powder I sent her with this in it.  Anyway I thought it was time I had a play with some new mould and a patchouli-based fragrance appealed 🙂 🙂

250gm Coconut Oil
250gm Macadamia Nut Oil
250gm Lard
250gm Rice Bran Oil

250ml water
138 gm lye
30ml White Witch fragrance.

I used grapeseed oil in the first recipe as I wanted to keep the base bar as white as possible so the blind swirl would show through …. I much prefer the feeling of macadamia nut oil so I used it in this recipe and it will be a softer more yellowish hue to the bar.  Also played with some 3D two part moulds instead of the usual cavity pour.  When the soap got too thick I poured the rest into a standard cavity mould.

Again I used full water so I would have more time to play with pouring before the recipe got too thick.  Also as it was in individual moulds, there was no gel phase so curing will take longer with this soap.  Definitely up around the 8 weeks for a good hard long-lasting bar ….

Finally tonight I stitched – got some more done on BoInk.  Hope to get a progress pic put up tomorrow when I get a little bit more done.  I’ve got the first Barfy done and just need to outline him.  I’ve started on the green but need to add in the gold to outline the second installment before I take a picture – hopefully tomorrow – or should I say later today.

Have no idea what I’m talking about – see here.

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