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black-bloomers-finishedThis is the new Black version of Inkcircles Bloomers chart.

Original colour scheme can be seen here.

Finished: 24 May 2009.

I’m very happy with how this came out, but I need to finish removing all the speciality fibre (i.e. cat hair as soon as I unpack my tweezers) .

Also I need a better camera to get a really good photo.  My beloved has offered to take some pics with his camera sometime soon.

Pics in finished album and WIP album.



My favourite colour combo!

And yes I have now stitched all the green on Black Bloomers.

I’ve taken a break from unpacking and dedicated the last few days to stitching on Black Bloomers. The next update should be of a finish 🙂 🙂

In the meantime the unpacking and search for employment continue.  I have another job interview scheduled for tomorrow morning.  And then I MUST spend some time on Claire’s RR.

The lighting at Mr NTB’s place is not good enough for me to reliably stitch on black or stitch to a great enough degree of accuracy and uniformity on any other colour.

So Black Bloomers and Claire’s Round Robin will be put to one side until we move and I can set up my usual stitching spot.

I hope this doesn’t upset too many people – I just really feel embarrassed if I do a shoddy job on either of those projects.

I’ll stitch on some of my own projects where uniformity and quality of work is not great 🙂

I’ll hopefully get back to these in a couple of weeks …..


Well I think I’ve finally managed to get my camera connected to Mr NTB’s computer.  I can’t edit or “clean up” the pics in any way so these are just raw photos.  Sorry.

First up is an update to Black Bloomers. 
Apologies for the amount of cat hair.  I don’t have my lint brushes with me.  I’m loving the way this one is turning out.

Also update to Vienna Ball.
Yes I have the whole border finished. Finally.  Apparently the amount of teeth gritting and golem like behaviour has been increasing as this part of the project seemed never-ending :yes I will finish my precioussssss”.

So – now do I go back to Black Bloomers, start on part 2 of Vienna Ball or start something else I have with me?  Or read a book?

Today’s picture is one of the last ones I took of Trubs in the old house.  As you can see there are a number of strategically placed baskets around the room and she sleeps directly on the floor right in the middle of them all.  She’s a cat.


OK so its Monday and this is actually the first one I’ve put up for the year – I’m a slacker 🙂

Well I’ve only had one finish so far this year and an almost finish. BoInk is finished a scant couple of weeks ahead of the pack and Moscow I’m waiting on replacement threads from Vervaco in Belgium.

Round Robins:
Well the International Round Robin is off to a good start this year.  Mine is now with Laura and I’ve just finished my part on Kay’s.  Kay’s was quite fun because its all speciality stitches. Not a standard cross stitch in sight!  Of course I shouldn’t have tried to stitch it with a head cold …..

Well thanks to the vagaries of International mail (and an incompetent nincompoop who actually delivers the mail)  I’ve only received one of my Christmas presents this week.  So Chatelaine Workshop 1 will start at some point in the future even though the actual group is now closed.

I have however started Vienna Ball.  I’m still not 100% happy with my fabric.  But I’m using it anyway.  Part One is the border and I’m less than half way through – but I’ve got a while to catch up, we’re only on Part 4 in the group ….

Black Bloomers:

You’ve all seen Tracy’s pastel masterpiece Bloomers?  Well Tracy has sent me a variation to stitch called Black Bloomers.  I hope to be starting this tonight.

Speaking of International mail, a gift Kay sent back in September 2008 arrived this week!  I had been sent here, never delivered, never found by local postal staff, eventually sent back to the UK, repackaged by Kay and posted to my new Post Box and ta da! it is here.

I adore the stitched dragon in the frame!  This sits next to my monitor every day!  Surprisingly the chocolate was still edible (urp).  The Socks look so kewl and I adore the Devil keyring 🙂 The cat toy squeaks as well as being filled with catnip and on an extra long elastic.  I can’t wait for Trubs to wake up to try this!

After Tracy showed a computer mock-up of Black Bloomers I decided I had to stitch it.  I begged Tracy for the conversion and put in an order for the chart (and the Celtic Ice ornament kit also fell into my basket),

Tracy added the fabric, all the threads and a copy of the Twisted Heart chart to my package.  Isn’t she the sweetest!

Stitching wise that’s about it from me so far this year – I know I’m a slow stitcher 🙂  The picture at the top of the screen is a type of pigeon that I’m now getting to my feeder station.  Sorry for the blurriness of the picture its taken through a screen door and a glass door.  The little things are still fearful and fly off as soon as I poke the camera out the door.

OK time for dinner and then to prepare my clothes, resume etc for an agency interview tomorrow morning.

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