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That’s all of the birthday thank you’s for this year unless there’s something lost in the post that I’m unaware of.  If something has gone astray, please let me know, otherwise I now return you to your slack irregularly updated blog schedule.

Wonder if it’s too late to start stitching for the day 🙂

teapot teacup divas birthday

I’m wondering if Miss A and Kay collaborated …. Kay sent me lots of unique tea bags. Miss A gives me a cute little one person teapot and teacup.

I love the teapot!  I dislike the taste of tannin so I drink my tea quite weak (yes comment if you must). The wide mouth of the cup ensures that my tea cools fast enough that I cn drink both cups out of the pot before the tannin has stewed out of the leaves.  It’s perfect for me!

And the “divas” on the cup make me smile every time I use it!

The other main present from Miss A were these socks.  Holeproof Explorers made from bamboo silk!  And yes, one pair is fluorescent yellow!  These are the socks she gave me while we were in and out of the hospital earlier this month.  I put on the fluro yellow socks whenever I feel down now.  I seem to be amassing a collection of socks – this is a good thing 🙂

Miss A Birthday

Birthday Brain Ice Cubes

Yup – its brain shaped ice cubes !!!  Now to decide if I want to use it for ice cubes, or chocolates or as a soap mould ….


Abby Birthday Floss Club

I was just putting all of the Birthday Floss Club schwag together for one final shot when someone decided she would become involved.

Regardless of their individual personality quirks, cats will always be cats.

birthday floss club

Elizabeth’s handmade card is absolutely exquisite! I love it!  Thank you so much !!!!   And the threads will come in *very* useful too!

Gentle Arts 0250 Cornflower

Gentle Arts 0310 Claret


Thanks so much Elizabeth – taking the time and effort to hand make such an exquisite card is beyond my capabilities!

Birthday floss club

Meg has been in Uruguay for quite some time before heading back to the US.  I wonder of that’s where she found such a beautiful card?  It is made of paper from sustainlably managed forests so its eco-friendly as well as elegant!

Meg also sent a surplus of wonderful threads!  These threads have no pre-determined use so I can just play with them.  Actually these threads might go very well with the fabrics that Tina sent.

ThreadworX 1059 Mystique

ThreadworX 1129 Merlot

ThreadworX 10241 Grapes

Rainbow Gallery Silk Lame Braid SL39 Lagoon


The green mystique might go well with the moss-green dovestitch fabric while the Merlot and grapes might look good on the blue/grey fabric.  We may be talking a match made in heaven.  Well some might equate my stash room with heaven …

I’ve not used the Silk Lame before, it appears to be a thick thread …. hmmm pondering – I’ll find somewhere I can use it fairly immediately I’m sure.  I don’t have much patience when I want to try out something new 🙂  I’m sure there’s a blackwork Christmas ornament pattern calling my name.




Stitched card birthday floss club

Oh my!!!  I was sooo surprised when I opened the envelope and saw this gorgeous hand stitched card!  Anne it is beautiful!  Really pretty – and in my favourite colours – green and black!

Anne also included a few threads I need to kit up a few of designs too!

Gloriana 102 Fresh Snow – Will be used in M Designs’ Snowflake

ThreadworX  1133 Summer Shadows – Will be used in Enchanting Lair’s Galaxy Dragon

Dinky Dyes Silk 031 Choco Latte – Will be used in Dinky Dyes’ Kitty Love


Thank you so much Anne!  It is such a beautiful card and a thoughtful selection of floss – I can’t wait to start stitching with the Fresh Snow – Gloriana is one of my favourite threads!  I’m still gobsmacked at the hand stitched card.  Still trying to find the right place to put it ….

Ink Circkes Quaker Floral Puzzle

Oh My Goodness Kay – what a parcel !!!!!!  I am gobsmacked !!!!  surreptitiously asking me about the chart for Tracy’s Quaker Floral Puzzle and then sending me chart and fabric and the silk conversion pack !!!!  Well I know what the next “for me” stitching will be …. or is it the next “for Kay” stitching 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂  It’s all wrapped up ready to go in that beautiful bag.  I’ve checked – it will fit everything needed included the q-snaps 🙂

I love the bag!  Will fit any of my projects except the current one requiring the 17″ q-snaps 🙂

Also in the birthday bundle is Calico Crossroad’s Puurfect Pitch.  I’ve just been reminded that these charts have all been discontinued and I cannot find them for sale anywhere, so thank you thank you thank you!

As well as the chart for Xs and Ohs Seanicorn Family, I see you’ve tracked down the Ribbon Band fabric to turn the completed piece into a bell pull.  I’ll have to track down the cute castle shaped bell pull rod.  Chele – do you have ideas where I could source one of those?

The bookmark and the chocolate box full of tea sachets brought tears to my eyes.  You are such a fantastic friend and you have “been there” for me through everything this year and last year and the year before and the year before that …..

Truly you are a fantastic person and I do not deserve such a fabulous friend in my life!

Kats by Kelly Puurfect Pitch Seanicorn Family Birthday

Dovestitch fabric

Tina sent these two beautiful pieces of fabric from Dovestitch.  I’m already scheming of various projects to use the mottled blue/grey on.  But the other piece is very unusual with the edging stripes of pink, white and blue up one edge.  I presume that’s just the dying edge, but I want to use it. My brain is whirling with book mark ideas that could incorporate three or all four colours. Any ideas, suggestions, recommendations?

I’m really looking forward to stitching on this Dovestitch fabric now I’ve heard so much about it. It feels so soft in the hand, and the holes are so easy to see.

With everything that happened on my birthday weekend, I have been very remiss in opening my presents or even acknowledging that they had even arrived.

Everything has now been opened and I have tears in my eyes at the generosity of my friends!  THANK YOU !!!!!

I will be putting up separate posts here for each thank you so there will be a few posts today. Apologies to those who think this is too much.

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