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On a happier note, my stitching bug seems to have returned in the new place.  So far in 2013 I have finished:

Finished, not ironed.

My Big Toe – Cheaper than Therapy



Imaginating – Meowry Christmice



Cross Eyed Kat – Angle of Love

As well as finishing all of these wonderful WIPs (chosen by you – the readers on that side of the computer) I have also started two pieces.

This is to be my travelling piece for when I visit JulieD for a Stitching afternoon.

Mystery start

Mystery start

Any ideas which project it is?

Finally, I have started a new SAL: 2013 Woodland Sampler by Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery.

This is NOT my usual style of project.  This company promotes themselves as “seriously cute patterns”. However for the first time in years, a pattern and a company has caught Claire’s imagination and she is wanting to stitch again, so I said I would stitch along with her.

This is a monthly mystery sampler and as my last cross stitch purchase before moving, I bought the kit for this piece.  Unfortunately the kit was popular and back ordered so it only arrived this week.

I immediately threw out the fabric (I have a problem with beige) and substituted a light blue.  Mr I Ain’t Dead Yet was here at the time and agreed that the colours looked better on the blue. At this point I’ve just started the little box borders …..

12 Feb 2013

12 Feb 2013

The SAL can be bought here if you are interested in joining us.  We have been teasing Rosanne mercilessly who is convinced she doesn’t need another WIP.  What does need have to do with it I ask you?

In other stitching news, I’ve removed Turple from the list of WIPs.  I’ve had some inspiration of how I want to stitch that one and it involves unstitching and restitching the work I’ve started.

The March Poll looks interesting Cirque des Cercles and Dragon Feathers Afghan are tied in the lead.  Both meaty projects that wont be finished within a month!

Anyway, that’s what I’m up to.  Hmmmm ….. 6:30 pm – so much for cleaning the house today …..

Time for dinner.


Why Tuesday?  Well that seems to be the day I have the most time to write these days, so Tuesday it’s going to be 🙂

I did some more work on Angle of Love over the last week and it’s almost finished.  I think another week of even my glacial pace will have this one finished!


Cross Eyed Kat Angle of Love

31 Mar 2012


However it is now April and I have two stitching projects just starting.  One is Dawn of Spring.

Dawn of Spring is a stitch-a-long (SAL) designed by Mouse and is only available via the Friendly Stitchers yahoogroup. Signup for the SAL are now closed, I just managed to “squeak” in.

I’m stitching this on a piece of unlabeled grey/green Dovestitch fabric that Tina sent as a birthday present last year. I was digging through my pastel threads when I asked mum what Spring brings to mind to her – and she said “ochre colours in all the mud, grey greens in the tall grasses that grow and dusty reds in the native plants“.  So I did what I should have done in the beginning and turned the stash room over to mum.  She put together a number of palettes and I selected the one I liked the most; Vicki Clayton silks, Bane Berry and Bane Berry Bright.  As I had only one skein of each, we’ve added in Caron Wildflowers Camouflage for the specialty stitches.

This is ony the first few stitches of Part one of the SAL.


2 April 2012


Mum really really like one of the other palette combinations she put together, but then went back to Warcraft. Drats I thought we actually got hooked into stitching again, but no she slipped away ….

The third piece I will be working on in secret.  The Stitching Hangout yahoo group‘s monthly theme for April is Blue.  I have a small piece I will be working on, that is on blue fabric and I will feel “blue” if I don’t get it finished in time.  If you want to know, you will have to be a member of the Stitching Hangout.  Or wait until mid-May to find out more.

Well that’s it for this week. Stay tuned, I’m slow but needle is getting through fabric one stitch at a time.


Yes alright, I haven’t actually listed a stitching update for a looooong time, so here’s your three months or more catchup 🙂

Back in October 2011 I did finish Midi Mystery I. I only started it in August 2005.

Chatelaine Midi Mystery 1 - Parts 1-6 Complete

Midi Mystery I complete

I tried The Great Escape, but had problems, so I unpicked it and moved onto the next Chatelaine, Friendly Fullmoon Witch. Unfortunately, part way through this one, I discovered that I was doing my over one stitches with two strands, the same as my over two stitches. The thought of cutting out the over one stitches which I had stitched in-between the over two stitches and then having to stitch both the over one *and* the over two stitches was most disheartening.  Also it was this close examination, that I discovered that my tension was all over the place.  With my migraines I had lost my fine eyesight and I hadn’t noticed that my tension was slipping, so my top stitches were loose.

I was obviously so very depressed about this that I’ve put that project someplace very special – I’ve spent two days tearing the house apart and I cannot find the project to photograph it!  Included below it an earlier photograph of the same photograph – not the current stage including the one over one stitches and lack of tension that need to be removed.

Chatelaine Full Moon Witch

Friendly Fullmoon Witch - Start

After this disappointment, I simply stopped stitching for the rest of the year.  On New Year’s Eve I finally felt well enough to pick up a small kit and start some stitching, So I started Ink Circles – Reindeer Games: The Huddle.

Reindeer Games: The Huddle by Ink Circles

Reindeer Games - Progress

After this, I tried The Great Escape twice more and frogged it twice more.  These times, I had the Montenegrin stitch down, but I misunderstood the instructions on how many stitches to do on each row.

After all of this I decided to pull out the one WIP that is the simplest and yet gives me a lot of pleasure. So I spent one night on Angle of Love and got a start on the next section of it.

Cross Eyed Kat Angle of Love

Angle of Love - Progress

Other than this, I’ve spent a fair bit of time this January re-organising my blog and my physical stash.

I’m also have a lot of fun with the Project-of-the-Day. Most days I am just walking into my stash room opening a folder or box at random, thrusting my hand in and pulling out a chart.  So it’s a surprise to me as well as everyone else as what get’s posted each day.

I’ve learned a couple of things from posting the Projects each day.

  1. Just because I post an item that I have almost kitted up, I do *not* need to spend money to finish kitting it up right now. I have 365 of these to post, that could add up to a lot of money!
  2. Who knew that posting these would help me prioritize and declutter?  I’ve discovered that posting these has helped me really look at design and ask myself “Do I still love this? Will I really still stitch this someday?  Is that someday soon?”
  3. By the end of the year I should have a smaller, more organised group of charts and kits I know I still want to stitch and a clear shopping list of exactly what I need for just these designs. Who knew this would be an outcome?

I have decided though, from here on in, any chart I post, that I want to give away, I will give people a chance to comment for a period of time (say a week or a fortnight) and then choose randomly from those who ask for the chart within that time.  First in best dressed isn’t a fair system if I’m going to do this regularly.

I’ve still got to talk about the two Christmas presents I stitched up (and all the ones I didn’t) and send out thank you’s for all the Christmas presents that have started to arrive – but I think that might be another day.  I think this update is long enough already 🙂

Mystery Start #2 started life in January 2011 like this…

… and had only progressed to this by 18 January before being put away.

Mystery Two First Week's Progress

Needless to say no-one guessed what this project was 🙂  I’m not surprised non-one guessed by the blob, but I though the floss toss might have given it away, especially as many people know who my favourite designers are 🙂

So after peering into a few boxes in a cold wet wintry week this week I found this project again and put a few more stitches into it.  The simplicity of the single colour with just enough complexity to keep the colour changes in patches instead of tiger stripes was just about right for my brain to handle this week.

So now the blob looks like a mathematician’s ice cream cone ….

Any guesses as to the project and designer now?

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