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Had a productive week stitching wise.Β  I’ve started the BAPXS “100 Stitches Challenge” and although I haven’t stitched every night, the nights I have, I have put in at least 100 stitches.

This project New York is quite an easy one, with only 5 shades of blue and 5 shades of brown stitched on Aida. Even with my permanent headache/migraine I’ve managed to push this project along quickly. One more week and this might even be finished?

I was at the Perth Craft and Quilting Fair yesterday. The Quilt Display was awesome. There were so many unexpectedly powerful pieces there especially those on the theme of Anzac Day.

I was good and didn’t add to my stash *and*Β  I also resisted the temptation to start any new hobbies πŸ™‚ Knowing I need to spend a lot of money on Wednesday on medical costs helped my resolve to not spend money.

I did see a stitched model of a kit I have in my stash, so I might just have to make a new start tomorrow instead of finishing New York …


  1. Finish New York please! It looks so gorgeous and you will get more of a kick from a finish than from a new start!

  2. Looks gorgeous. Finish it before you start the other one. It will give you satisfaction and you can look forward with anticipation to starting the other one next

  3. Which one did you see finished? I’d love to know what’s tempted you so. Good work on “New York” I love the colours.

  4. New York is lovely. Imagine having a figure like that…oh if only!!

  5. Yeah, but you could never get Jeans long enough πŸ™‚

  6. As someone who has trouble finding jeans short & wide enough, I’d like the opposite problem for as while πŸ™‚

    As a kid I always hoped I would grow up to have a figure that could wear these outfits. Twas not to be.

  7. Oh and plans have changed completely! While looking for the Jasper kit I found a project that I had gotten bogged down in the backstitching. Its so close to being finished that its ridiculous not to have done so. So I’m working on coincidentally enough, another project called Jasper!

    If the backstitching doesn’t frustrate the hell out of me again, it should be finished by the weekend ,,,,,

  8. So that will be two finishes then! Jeans – I have the opposite problem. they are never long enough in the leg and the rise. I have one pair with the correct proportions! Should say I have a 33″ inseam.

  9. Well New York wont be finished, but yes this should be my second finish for the year …. maybe ….

  10. I love the blues and the style in New York. Congrats on the willpower at the Quilting Fair. I”m so afraid I’m going to get sucked into that in the near future! I can’t wait to see the finish πŸ™‚

  11. I love New York! Gorgeous colours and I too wish I had a waist like that lol. If the votes are counting, I say finish it first before starting your new project!

  12. While looking for the new start I stumbled across a project that was finished all bar the backstitching a couple of years ago. I’ve spent the first part of this week finishing the backstitching on that project instead. Completely finished it last night.

  13. How pls

  14. woohoo! Pics to come I’m sure!

  15. Yes pics will come. Probably Sunday πŸ™‚

  16. The colors are so rich in these dresses. Looking forward to seeing it finished and your other finish that you found this week.

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