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The big goal for 2014 is for me to stitch from my stash and not buy anything other than what I can get from my local Spotlight (Joanne’s style shop).  Unfortunately Spotlight has decreased its range so I’m only picking up DMC thread.  I thought they still stocked Mill Hill beads but I was wrong! This has made the goal a little more difficult but it’s still worthy given the amount of WIPs and already kitted or partially kitted projects in my stash.

To be completely open and honest, Julie has bought the two sets of beads and two pieces of fabric I’ve so far needed as gifts.  But she did wait until I absolutely needed the items Right Now.  For that I am grateful and very appreciative.

I have also been gifted charts by Ronnie Douglas, Tammy Pollard and Michele Anderson.

However it is now late-March and I feel my resolve weakening.  There are some fabulous designs on Etsy that I would love to get my hands on stitch to now such as:

I Cross Stitch - by Clouds Factory
I Cross Stitch – by Clouds Factory
Wash Your Hands - by Alicia Watkins
Wash Your Hands – by Alicia Watkins


and of course gorgeous new charts by well-known designers such as this:

Eleganza - by Alessandra Adelaide (AAN)

Eleganza – by Alessandra Adelaide (AAN)


So I have been feeling my resolve weakening.  When/if I cave in and buy cross stitch stash then I must give a generous gift from my stash to the person who guessed closest to the date.

So far I can give my commiserations to  Tammy Pollard & Kim Howe who guessed I wouldn’t last past early January, Mel Clyne, Niina Kroger, Heather Cartwright &  Ee Koon Goh who guessed I wouldn’t make it to the end of February, and Mariangela Caligiuri, Kay Jones, Lynda Garrett Melanson-Orme, Em Jay, Emma Joseph, Kenny Layer & Deborah Sharp who thought I wouldn’t make it this far into March.

To “help” me stiffen my resolve Julie has “offered” to be the one to select the generous gift from my stash for the winner. Being a recipient of Julie’s generosity on many occasions, I’m a bit afraid of how much stash I might have left at the end of her gift giving (on my behalf).

Julie has said “It will be truly epic!”.

So after being doused with that metaphorical bucket of ice water, I feel I’ve got a good chance of making another month or two!

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