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I’ve decided on a couple of serious resolutions this year. I’ve made them specific, measurable, and I have a tools and process in place to help me achieve them.

By the end of the year I aim to:

  1. Have a one-month financial buffer.
  2. Be able to do a bodyweight pull up .

Aim:  To  have enough money in the bank to pay for all of my ongoing bills one month ahead of time. To help achieve this  I’ve set up my budget through You Need a Budget and am tracking my spending via Pocketbook (the Aussie version of Mint).  Already I have pared back on non-essentials and cancelled any participation in SALs that require the purchase of charts, fabric or threads  to participate in.  I’m challenging myself to shop my stash and am running a competition in conjunction with this. I’m actually looking forward to the challenge!

Most budget apps get you to list out all of your bills and then wait for the money to come in to pay them.  The YNAP approach is to look at your money and prioritize where it needs to go before the next amount of money comes in.  It seems like such a small thing but it is a fundamental change in mindset for me.

Aim: To grab a bar and pull my chin up and over up it and back down once. I’m overweight. I’m in the morbidly obese category.  Until recently I thought of exercise as a generic adjunct to losing the fat. Then I read this article and stopped to think, what do I want to achieve with my fitness? That led to some introspection and I decided that I’d really like to be  able to rock climb.  So lifting my own body weight is step one on that journey.  I have a training regime that will get me as a slow pace (thanks to Bruce the migraine) to that point hopefully by the end of the year.  Then I can move on to the next phase.  Coupled with this will be better eating and more walking to reduce the amount of weight I have to lift 🙂 🙂

I’m currently using Striiv and Runkeeper for my walking progress and MyFitnessPal for my general food and fitness diary. I’ve also joined Nerd Fitness for general fitness motivation. So if anyone else is planning these kinds of activities this year, please friend me on these networks so we can encourage each other along.

4 week goals:

  1. Have all of my financial accounts out of overdraft and into “the black”
  2. Using 2kg dumbells do Bent Over Dumbell Rows. 3 sets of  8 reps with 2 minutes between each set.
  3. Walk a minimum of 5000 steps per day every day.

I may not achieve all of these goals, especially the financial one, but I will try my best, roll with it, and if necessary, adjust the timetable for February.


  1. Those are great goals, good luck! I lost 20kg a few years back, but over the past year or so 10kg has crept back on, so I’m determined to loose most of that again this year. It’s hard, but feeling able to enjoy life is so important. 🙂

  2. Sounds like a doable plan!

  3. Sounds like a plan Mel. Feel free to reach out, would love to know your progress. We’re extending our budgeting features over the next few months so would love to know how we can help you hit your goals better!

    • kaY
    • Posted 9 January 2014 at 07:30
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    Good luck. I’ve joined you but whether I can do well remains to be seen.

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