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Rose Kit by Permin


My very first ever cross stitch done in 1991. Bought this and the bluebells as kits and done them both up at the same time. Mum had these in storage and showed me today 13 May 2007.

Photo taken 13 May 2007.


  1. Very pretty and quite an advanced pattern for a first time stitcher!
    It was very nice of your mom to bring these to you so you could add them to your finished projects!
    Happy Mothers Day to you and your Mom!

  2. That would’ve been very ambitious for my first project – well done! And it’s nice to see a design that you did long ago that doesn’t look outdated; I guess roses and other florals, simple ones like these, will always be timeless 🙂

  3. You did a great job! Never would guess it was your first project!

  4. What a pretty one 🙂 I remember the days of “framing” them in those nasty little plastic frames….oh for the simple life again when those little frames appealed to me and framing didn’t cost an arm and a leg and maybe a kidney too!!

  5. Pretty & I agree with Claire – the cost of framing eeeeeeew. I love good framing to compliment beautiful work!!

  6. Thanks everyone – the girl that was teaching me was doing up a Lavender and Lace Angel at the time – so I thought these kits *were* beginner steps. I went from these to doing up Earth Angel as my very next project. Then quite a few engagement, anniversary, wedding and birth samplers that I’ve never seen again and then a hiatus from 1994 until 2002 and then the first finishes back in were William in the Window and Oliver Otter ….. and the rest is history ……..

  7. what a very pretty piece! My first piece is nowhere near as lovely!!

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