Party Cat

Kappie Originals

Kappie Originals Redux.
Completed: 26 Dec 2007.

Completed while watching Godzilla: Final Wars on Boxing Day evening 2007. Most of the outside squiggles were completed Christmas Day and Boxing Day.

8 thoughts on “Party Cat

  1. We had a quiet one last night – didn’t even make it to midnight – fell asleep with the needle in my hand {blush} But there was a *huge* party a few doors down that went on until 4am – I bet some of them will be feeling very squiggly when they wake up today!

  2. If you would like any other Kappie Original Redux LLC Products, etc. let me know. I have had the business fall in my lap and I’m not quite sure on how to take it over and sell items, but I will do my best.

    Thank You,
    Karen Laznik

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