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Kappie Originals

Party Cat


  1. Wow he looks stunning! Hmm picking a frame for this one could be interesting!

  2. I LOVE your party cat! He is the cutest thing ever….and he is done just in time for a New Year’s party!

  3. Wahoo! The squiggleyz are done. Congrats, you. Poor old PC, he looks so confused LOL.

  4. Very cute little cat!! All those squiggly’s look like what most will feel like on New Years Day after all the partying!!

  5. We had a quiet one last night – didn’t even make it to midnight – fell asleep with the needle in my hand {blush} But there was a *huge* party a few doors down that went on until 4am – I bet some of them will be feeling very squiggly when they wake up today!

  6. We are staying in tonight too, Happy New Year to you already!!

  7. I love your party cat. He looks like a fun project.
    Anna Teel

  8. If you would like any other Kappie Original Redux LLC Products, etc. let me know. I have had the business fall in my lap and I’m not quite sure on how to take it over and sell items, but I will do my best.

    Thank You,
    Karen Laznik

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