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Oliver the Otter - Heritage Stitchcraft

Oliver the Otter


  1. I have this one hanging right next to the smallest room hangs underneath our living room wall light. I do love it.
    I think this was quite possibly one of the first things you and I bonded over:)

    I really wish they had done more of the Oliver Otter series, they are such fun pieces.

  2. I think you could be right – we had both done this one independently before we “met” online ….

  3. Ah! Okay, I suppose I should have seen those if it’s a Heritage Stitchcraft design…

    Amazed you would do something this cute 🙂 I think it would not be realistic enough for me. I just love those sleek, playful, clever little fellows!

  4. Over here, they were kits and charts put out by DMC. Some of the first things I was drawn to when I started to xs. Must take a picture of the big sampler one on the wall here. Will have to ask Steve to get it down though…It’s my real Oliver fave!

  5. It was done a few years ago 🙂 And its not that cute – after all he is half naked sitting on the toilet 🙂 🙂

    Mum was renovating her bathroom facilities and I wanted to stitch something for it – I believe this piece still does hang inside the uh smallest room in the house !!!

  6. Oh it is cute…it’s adorable….

  7. This is one really adorable otter!

  8. Oh my gosh, is he a cutie!!

  9. LOL! That’s a really good place, too – at least when it’s right in view. I do think that the loo has become almost a taboo with the recent return to prudishness all around. What rubbish! Good place to decorate with funny themes! At my brother’s in Basle I always get to check out the carnival speeches (which are political and social satire, sometimes of the best!), which I enjoy a lot! Usually spend more time in there than needed, LOL!

  10. Our loo has a magazine rack in their to relieve the boredom and give something to think about while you hang around. There’s cross stitch on one wall and a couple of my favourite pictures in there…ever get the feeling I spend quite a bit of time in there? LOL…

  11. We don’t have bathrooms in our house; we have libraries equipped with showers 🙂

  12. I counted the pictures in the smallest room earlier, it’s up to six and one Venetian mask…don’t think I can realistically fit any more in there….

  13. I have two pieces hanging up in the toilet ….

    One of my previous houses had a built in bookcase in the toilet. It was actually recessed into the wall – large too.

    The toilet is a different room to the bathroom in both this house and my current abode 🙂 🙂

  14. Ours is separate to the bathroom. Nothing stitched in the actual bathroom, just a typical Greek scene with white buildings and red flowers.
    A bookcase in the toilet, marvellous:)

  15. I couldn’t even put ONE picture up – both my bathrooms are fully tiled – don’t want to use glue of any sort 🙁

  16. Toilet has tiles on floor and paint on walls. Bathroom has tiles on floor and up to about waist height on walls …. Everything about that is just paint ….

  17. Ours are both “sort of” separate rooms – there’s an odd little dividing wall that comes out from each of the side wall with an open doorway between the “main” part of the bathroom and the toilet. (You have to walk through the bathroom to get to the toilet.) Not sure if that was the “style” in the late 50s when our house was built or what. {shrug}. But both rooms are tiled about halfway up and need desperately to be repainted… think Pepto Bismol pink downstairs and In Your Face Aqua upstairs… but the pale yellow tile upstairs is lovely.

  18. That’s against the Geneva convention – imagine seeing that as you wake up at 4:30am and stumble out of bed – its enough to scar you for life ….

  19. Fully in agreement with Mel! Something like THAT kind of pink ought to be banned from ANY part of the bathroom, LOL!

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