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Night is in the Air
SAL – Maggi Co’s Village

Stitch-a-longs appear to be my kryptonite. I don’t know why I sign up to so many of them but I just cannot resist …. especially Mystery SALs ….

This one is by Raquel Blasco of Maggie Co’s Village. I have reviewed one or two of her Jardin Privé collaborative designs in  my Project-a-Day blog.

Raquel says of this Mystery SAL:

SAL will start next June 15.
Size design is 186 x 141 stitches.
Will be 5 parts and they will be every 15 days.
Participants will receive by email, the list of materials and every 15 days, the objective that they should stitch.
Signing-up until June 30

To make this SAL more fun, the embroiderer that sends the first photo with the design completly stitched, will receive a surprise gift.

As the first part of the SAL was released on 15 June, we can see the first part as some have already stitched it. Noelle’s blog and Nuria’s Blog.

Night is in the Air Pt 1 – by Lulu

The Cost of the SAL is: €5.50

The sign-up page is here. If you need to change the language, look for the country flag in the top right corner of the page.

You have less than 24 hours left to sign up if you are interested.


  1. You are an evil, evil woman, because I just signed up and I have no time or energy for another project, but it looks so pretty and fun and wasn’t very expensive. You are evil.

    • You are not alone. I enabled at least two on the Friendly Stitchers group 🙂

      I do have all of my bits and bobs assembled for this one so will switch to it as soon as I get bored with the blue in Catgirl & Catboy.

  2. It actually looks to be a do able stitch as not two much to do .i just can’t decide on fabric

    • I chose a medium blue/grey 2ct Lugana. 25ct is not my first choice but it’s all the LNS here stocks in anything other than linen or Aida. Just choose a fabric that suits the greys of the houses and the rest will fall into place 🙂

    • The weird old bird
    • Posted 4 July 2012 at 06:51
    • Permalink

    Its lovely but I just couldn’t take on yet another SAL. I’m already doing 4 on Sticklounge and Angie’s flowers as well as DOS. Will watch you two stitch it or will that be a bit like watching paint dry????

    • Actually I enabled a few on the friendly stitchers board so you should see a few WIP pics pop up soon :). I plan to swap to this as soon as I finish Catgirl. Will come back to Catboy later.

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