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Vervaco Kit Moscow

24 Feb 2009

Moscow is finished as much as she can be.  The kit contained insufficient thread.  Weird funky thread.  Will figure it out later. All too hard right now.


  1. She is gorgeous. Congratulations

  2. Looks great Mel! Insufficient weird funky thread?? ….now that’s a dilemma. It’s beautiful the way it is – can you just leave it?

  3. It’s very pretty Mel! Congrats on the finish, but what a pain that the kit didn’t have everything that was needed. Can you contact the manufacturer to see if they will send you the additional thread? I had to do this for one or two of the Mirabilia Holiday fairies and they were great about sending what was needed. BTW, I love your new theme.

  4. Well, it looks wonderful! As expensive as these little kits are, it’s a shame you didn’t have enough thread. Any idea what kind it was?

  5. This is so pretty.

  6. Well, I can’t tell where she’s not finished and she looks lovely.

  7. Very pretty! Hope you can get more thread to finish her from the manufacturer…

  8. I agree with everyone else. It’s very pretty. I also agree that you should contact the manufacturer for the thread you are missing.

  9. She’s very pretty just the was she is Mel. I don’t think anyone would know she isn’t finished.

  10. Weird funky thread is probably Glissengloss, possibly Estaz. It’s used more often in Europe as it is more readily availale

  11. Bummer about the floss. Looks gorgeous though! I hope you can find some info on the manufacturer of the floss. I guess you could frog what is on the right side and use something else to fill both sides in if no other solution can be found.

  12. See the white going up the right side of the collar? That’s supposed to go on the left side too. Then when all the stitching is in, I am supposed to use a little piece of velcro on the collar and it will all fluff up like its made of fur.

    I will contact the manufacturer – just not right now. I have too many other things on my plate right now. Real Life can be a bummer at times.

  13. Looks gorgeous. Bummer about the thread. Hopefully the manufacturers will cough up some more or at least let you know what it is

  14. This is a beauty, Mel, even with being “unfinished”. Great stitching!

  15. Wow that is gorgeous! What a shame that it didn’t give you enough thread. For the price they charge for kits now a days, there should be enough in there so that there is always some left over!!

  16. Looks great! Is the stuff called *fuzzy stuff*??? I used that in a Santa’s beard and have plenty to send to you if it’s the same you used on the other side.

  17. That’s turned out lovely so far, Mel! Bummer with the insufficient amount of thread though.

    I have to say that I do love your new theme and hope you keep it for a while. Not only is it a kitty theme, it’s also a background that makes it easy to read!!!


  18. Oh, giving it a closer look and reading your velcro comment… is this white thread Whisper? You should be able to get that online quite easily!

  19. No. Whisper is already quite fuzzy. This is just like normal thread until you “fuzz” it up with the velcro.

  20. OK Vervaco is a Dutch company I think? So many of the instructions are in another language (ie not English).

    However the two fuzzy threads appear to be made by the company: Lana.

    White and beige colours. I need more of the white.

  21. She’s lovely Mel!

  22. She really is gorgeous, Mel!!

  23. Never heard of it….

  24. I bet you could use the Whisper thread! I still have some white of that and if you want it I can send it off to you! Then you’ll see whether you can use it or not 🙂

  25. OK went to the Vervaco website and found this little tidbit:

    So I went back to the original (yes I’d been marking off a working copy) and lo and behold, on the back of the pattern is a warranty card. I merely need to fill it in, attach an ort of the fibre I’ve run out of and post it off.

    I don’t particularly want to cut the pattern up before I’ve finished using it, so I hope they will accept a photocopy of the form.

    Also thanking the deities that I haven’t vacuumed the stitching area this week.

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