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Vervaco Kit Moscow

24 Feb 2009

Received an envelope from Vervaco today.  They sent the replacement threads for Moscow.

Pretty fast timing for a request sent to Belgium and then had to follow me all over Australia 🙂  But they have sent sufficient thread for me to finish the design.

As soon as I get it out of storage again …..


  1. That’s great! Just nervy that it’s still in storage, I’m sure you’d want it to be finished now 🙂

  2. I’m nervy about a lot of things still in storage. Not used to not having all my stuff around me and having to borrow from other people (ie Stephen’s PC) or make do with what I have (cross stitch projects).

    Well I guess its keeping me focused!

  3. I can relate to that – I hate not having my ‘stuff’ around me – any new housing prospects????

  4. We’ve got a new place arranged but we can’t move in for another four weeks 🙁

  5. Glad to hear you got more thread. Can’t wait until you get settled in and can get it out to finish. First finish in your new place maybe?

  6. Glad you got it – and that it found you! Yep, sounds like a move-in celebration finish 🙂

  7. Four weeks with stuff in storage…I’d go crazy…(MORE crazy)

  8. I’m going so stir-crazy I’m voluntarily doing housework!

    But I did set up the Wii last night and amused Mr NT Bears by losing a very lousy game of Wii Tennis.

  9. You clearly need tougher opposition to bring you up to the level we know you can reach. Practice, practice practice. I sucked too at the start.

  10. I plan to reward myself after today’s job interview with another couple of games 🙂

    Wish me luck – interview in one hour.

  11. Hope it went well, Mel! Especially if it’s for something that you’d really like

  12. it was something I’d really like – but I flubbed it badly. Oh well – more apps to write. Came home and played Wii Tennis then set up the Wii Fit instead.

  13. What a shame! Better luck next time, sweetie!

  14. I’m sorry you think you flubbed the interview, well done on getting the house sorted though (and 4 weeks will fly by! Does Mr NTB know how much stash you have btw?)

  15. Sorry about the interview. It looked like a good role too. I can picture you tightrope walking on the WiiFit right now (watch out for those chompers)

  16. eep, that is bad….sorry I’ve been missing honey…been thinking of you loads but I know that doesn’t help.

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