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Wow – I think this is the first actual proper Sunday update I’ve done for the year!

Lets see so far I have one finish which I can’t show until late next month.  I have finished the Inkcircles Mystery Book of InkCircles (BoINK).  You can see all the sections that have been officially released so far here.

For those who want to join in, the parts can be found here.

I didn’t get to join in the unofficial Chatelaine SAL this month, but I am itching to join in next month!  As soon as my 2009 RR piece is finished and on its way to the next person.  I haven’t done much on my RR yet, but photos can be seen here.

The only other piece I have worked on this year is a Vervaco kit called Moscow.  Anyone who remembers “Black Beauty or Something in Red” dresses from last year will recognise this as a similar style.  This kit was a gift from Chele.  Pictures here.

More Vervaco kits can be seen in my temporary Lust List here.

And that’s it from me so far this year.  Except to ask the same question I ask every Sunday evening – why do I have to go to work tomorrow?  Oh yeah that’s right, because I haven’t won Lotto yet.  Maybe I might buy a ticket this year.

Today’s picture du jour is Alison on Christmas Eve.


  1. Speaking in tongues again Mel?

  2. Little hint Jim: The “Sunday Update” is always written in tongues 🙂 By *all* the stitchers 🙂 🙂

    Still love you anyway!

  3. Much love in the blogosphere today methinks.

    Have a good one, Jen and I are off on a hunter gathering mission shortly. Want any Angel Delight?

  4. Which unofficial Chatelaine SAL is this? Is it the EG one or something I am in the dark about?

  5. With all the love going around where’s the procreating? I’m missing out I think…

    As for the lottery, it helps if you buy a ticket Tig. Although I was convinced I won it once when my numbers came up only to realise I’d forgotten to put them on… sigh.

  6. The one that I started MTM for on 1/1, and whoever here in Multiply-land wants to work on theirs around the first of the month, can – WIPs, new starts, whatever.

  7. Great update – bits & pieces of great things! That’s my kind of update – though of course, I’m chomping at the bit to see the completed BoInk!!! Hi, Alison! Alison reminds me of my sister – it’s gotta be the hair!

  8. Great update. I must get my BoInk out and get up to date before the last parts come out. I’ve neglected it of late.

  9. Love darling – not Lust!

    And oh I would have been beating myself up if I actual had regular numbers and they came up the one week I forgott o put them in – that’s the stuff nightmares are made from.

  10. I’ll give one hint – the very last part is COMPLETELY stitched. Not a single square of fabric is left unstitched – so no white space.

  11. Great update – lots of stitching goodness there!

    And hello to Alison; it’s nice to have a face to put in my brain for when you mention her!

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