March Stitching Update

Long time no blog.  This month I had two new starts and two finishes.

For the month of March my stitching focus was Cirque des Cercles by Ink Circles.  I managed a whole 12 stitches (so no photo). This project is on an a PTP opalescent and I just had too much trouble seeing the holes. I need to get my checked I think. I know the migraine affects my sight, but I think there might be more to it than that.

So instead I spent the majority of the month working on Princess Charlotte from Fil’anthrope as the fabric is a 28ct white with large holes. I’ve moved about half way along this project. I think this could be finished in less than a month if I focused on it!  Would have gone further this month but had a bad migraine episode in the middle of the month and stopped stitching altogether for about a week.

25 Mar 2013
Fil’anthrope – Princess Charlotte

I also started a small Hardanger SAL (stitch-a-long) with the Polstitches Facebook group. This is the first two weeks of four.  Yes there will be cutting. At some point …. all right, stop sniggering you lot 🙂

As I was slow ordering the kit, and then we waited on international post, I was a little behind at the start. But I caught up mid-month and then let slip again.  The SAL is now finished but I’m still at the half-way mark.  Definitely including this one in the April stitching to see if I can get my first small beginner piece of Hardanger done and under my belt!

16 Mar Week 2 Complete
Polstitches – Sunshine & Flowers

I have also caught up on the 2013 Woodland Sampler SAL from Frosted Pumpkin. I’ve now stitched January and March and the half of all the monthly boxes. I’ll stitch more boxes at some point later.

Of course since I’ve been updating this blog all day with photos and links etc, the part section has been released. So I was caught up on this SAL for a whole twelve hours I think.

1 Apr 2013
Frosted Pumpkin – 2013 Woodland Sampler

Finally I finished the secret present and selected, floss tossed and stitched a second small secret present.  Both of these presents will heading off to a framer tomorrow.

Wow when typed out like this, I guess I did a fair bit of stitching after all this month.  However, nothing I stitched used “teal” in colour.  So I will say that I’m blue that I couldn’t stitch on Cirque des Cercles, and green with envy for those who did work on their focus pieces this month.  Teal is a blue/green colour – so I think this fulfils the criteria.

On to April.  The Stitching Hangout theme for April is “yellow” and it looks like the Polstitches Hardanger SAL will fulfil that quite nicely.  And help me push to finish it.

The April poll result was a tie between Princess Charlotte and the Dragon Feathers Afghan. So seeing as it is getting a little on the nippy side here, I think I select the Afghan as my project for the month and rug up warm.

12 thoughts on “March Stitching Update

  1. ooo you have done quite a bit and that hardanger looks lovely … I enjoy doing hardanger and also love the cutting and weaving:) looking forward to seeing more of this 🙂 love mouse xxxxx

  2. Oooh well done you! (I got a grand total of … nothing done in March!)

  3. Great job Mel! I have most of the boxes stitched for the Frosted Pumpkin Spring Sampler. Glad you mentioned you got your Woodland part because I didn’t get mine or the first part of the Spring one. They are in my ‘baby’ bag for the hospital so I hope I get them. Dr. said Kyla will be here long before this weekend so I am crossing my fingers.


  4. Excellent month! I think you completed more stitching than I did. 🙂 Hope the migraines back off for April.

  5. Ms Mel, you did more than me for the month. Well done! I love the Hardanger beginner piece. Just make sure you slow down and breathe with the cutting! lol. Can’t wait to see all your super-secret presents.

    1. Both went off to the framer today. Also the framers had a play with Rhiannon and did up a quote for her framing (quite a good price too) so she will go in on lay-by (lay-away) when these two come back.

  6. Great work. You got loads done. I did a bit on my Cirque too but not much more than you. I haven’t started the SAL yet and have managed to miss Part 3. I’ll have to email Jo and grovel methinks.

    1. Part 3 is simply the cross stitch & vine work from the Part 1 chart. Easy to do and you don’t need another set of directions. Just remember not to add the beads yet.

      1. Thanks Mel. Not sure when I will get to it. I must finish the beading on Jo’s model and the hands aren’t working too well at the moment

  7. Hi, Mel!

    I was actually JUST thinking of you and wondering how you have been doing. Sorry to hear about your migraine issues, but glad to see you still were able to get quite a bit of stitching done.

    And I am so pleased to see that you are trying your hand at Hardanger. It really is quite easy, even the cutting. Just be slow and patient with that and make sure you count, count, count again before cutting. If you cut wrong, there are ways to fix a mistake, without having to redo the whole piece.

    I have been busy stitching as well. I will have to get an update posted some time along the way, but can’t say when.

    Nice to hear from and about you!



  8. Hi Kathy kelly here creator of the kats by kelly artwork. I would like to find someone to adapt my designs once again for cross-stitch.

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