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OK so I didn’t write this post on 1 March. I decided on my goals for the month, but I didn’t do much reflection as to why some goals seemed to be so much easier for me than others ….

I felt really buoyed by the progress made in February, I achieved three of my four goals. So I decided to keep focus on the same area – food and fitness.

So the goals for March are:

  1. Walk for 1 kilometre each day
  2. Do my Basic Bodyweight Fitness three times per week
  3. No junk food
  4. Reduced desserts


I achieved this last month, so I’m continuing it this month, just increasing the level a little.  It takes around 10-12 minutes to walk 1 kilometre (0.6 of a mile). So this is a small increase on last month.

Motivation for this habit: I’ve given another $50.00 to the Bank of Julie.  If I walk every single morning in March I get my money back. If not, she gets to keep it. This is my choice, my stick that will make me get out of bed.


To attempt the Beginner Bodyweight Workout (Nerd Fitness) every second day.  This is the basic beginner workout that requires no equipment and just a determination to start.

Motivation: Having difficulty figuring out a good prod for this one to make it stick.  The lose weight and feel better seems to be amorphous and too lengthy.  Julie has suggested an immediate reward system.  I’m having trouble finding an instant reward that will motivate as well as a chocolate biscuit would. However a non-food based reward would be preferable.

Junk Food

Working on the adage “I cannot outrun my fork” the next step is to remove all junk food from my eating plan.  Garbage in does not help achieve my results.  So no hot chips, no McDonald’s, no pizza from the local pizza shop, nothing from a food court that has been sitting in a bain marie.


Similarly, I’m reducing desserts back to an occasional treat.  If I am out at a restaurant / fancy café / dinner party with friends then it is okay to indulge.  If not, then no desserts.  I think this is a sensible decision in terms of willpower and a healthy eating plan.


So that’s it.  Any thoughts? Suggestions?  Anyone want to share their life goals for this month?

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