Mar Bek Angels – free to good homes

As previously mentioned, as I first discussed the Mar Bek angels on this blog, I am offering them out first on this blog.

As with all WordPress photo albums, clicking on a photo will now bring all of them up in a “carousel” or Slideshow arrangement.  Click on the word Permalink under the photo you are interested in, and that photo will then be shown full-size.

You know the usual rules, leave a comment on which of these designs you would like. Please list in order of preference just in case!  Also let me know where you found this blog from. Unless you are a regular contributor, do not feel offended if I need a memory jogger – I do have a damaged brain at the moment.

I’ll make decisions one week from today 🙂

One thought on “Mar Bek Angels – free to good homes

  1. I would really love to stitch Starlight Angel, that would be a great image to hang above my daughter’s bed. I also love Arcadian Angel. I’d stitch that for grandma.
    Yeah, I’m into blondes. 🙂 My girl is blonde too, that is probably why I love them.
    I am not sure how got here, I’m guessing through WIPocalypse.

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