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It is now evening and I have seen the GP at the Northside Clinic.  He is quite happy to take me on as a patient.  He was a little surprised at the reactions I’ve been getting from other doctors around here and he diplomatically suggested they may have been a little “unimaginative”.

I feel really comfortable and assured with him. I’ve already signed forms so he can approach my former GP for a full case history of drug trials and approaches that have already been used on my migraine. He will speak with my endocrinologist and about my case and ascertain directly from her why we are using the Zoladex and what she expects him to manage in my case over the next four months.

He’s confident in his abilities to implant the Zoladex as he has used in on patients before, just not for migraines, usually for cancer-related treatments.

I think life is looking up again!

For dinner tonight I chose smoked salmon and fresh goat’s cheese on toast (haven’t yet found gluten-free bagels).  I embarrassed the boys with my moans of gastronomic delight.  I’m getting my taste for food back again!

My supplies for the Passione Ricamo Mystery SAL arrived in the mail today, so just a floss toss to choose between the fabrics and I’ll be set to go on 1 July.  JulieD should I bring these over on Saturday?

Finally I’ve decided to restart the Project-a-Day blog with renewed vigour. As a couple of the regular readers have pointed out, the blog is useful for introducing many designers and designs that have not been recent household names. And frankly what kind of Enabling Royalty would I be if I stopped my main source of enabling 🙂

Stand by for a new Project post to be started as soon as this post is published.  And a round of new cover pages to be scanned in tomorrow …..


  1. I’m so happy to hear you found a good doctor!! That’s wonderful news. It sounds like you found a caring doctor that will actually _try_ for you. Hooray! 🙂

  2. Glad you have found I doctor that will listen to you. Sometimes pain management is all the drs can give but a cure would be much better.

    • Belinda Betts
    • Posted 26 June 2012 at 20:09
    • Permalink

    I’m so pleased that you have found a doctor who sounds like he listens to you. I hope your feeling better continues!

  3. Sounds like a good GP and one you can work with. Perhaps eventually he can get you going in the right direction to actually getting to the root of the problem.

    • Lana
    • Posted 28 June 2012 at 06:55
    • Permalink

    Glad to hear you found a GP, Mel! I think that may have been part of the reason for your blahs, getting all the negative doctor reactions. If you haven’t already, share with your GP your frustrations with the endo. He might be able to research some other avenues for you on this front and may have some other suggestions for investigating the root of your migraines.

    Hugs and Pompoms!


  4. Goodness, that was a catch up! When will doctors realise that listening to the patient is one of the most important parts of the appointment. Love the picture of your DoS being used as a bed!

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