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OK it’s evening on the 31 January 2014.  So how did I go with my plans and aims for the month:

  1. Have all of my financial accounts out of overdraft and into “the black”
  2. Using 2kg dumbells do Bent Over Dumbell Rows. 3 sets of  8 reps with 2 minutes between each set.
  3. Walk a minimum of 5000 steps per day every day.
  4. Shop my stash when stitching

Well I passed two and failed two.

What Worked:

I have not  bought a single item towards my cross stitch hobby.  I have been given a fat quarter of black 25ct evenweave by Julie for  SAL that wasn’t going well, but nothing has been added to the stash. Incidentally the threads for this SAL (Brodeuse Bressane) ended up coming from Julie’s stash too – but that was a victim of circumstance 🙂

Tammy made it really difficult with her new Colour Cascade Designs, many of which have been added to my Lust List, but I’ve managed to make it to the end of the month!  I think I can continue this one to the end of next month.

As of this moment, all of my current bills are paid and my transaction account is in the black. I was given some money by my mum, but the ease of budgeting my money via YNAB and tracking my money with Pocketbook helped me from inadvertently getting back into a hole.  It also reduced a lot a of stress as I knew at any one time how much money I had and where it was.  I no longer had to remember that I was putting money aside for a bill later in the month or that I had already spent the money but it hadn’t been taken out of my account yet.

Using these two programs I am certain I can keep my finances under control and on track to my end of year goal of:  Have a one month financial buffer.  I should also be able to cope with unexpected costs on my own as time goes on.

What didn’t work:

I did not walk 5000 steps every day. I did not keep up with my workouts. Part of this was due to migraine flare-ups and the resultant fatigue/exhaustion/depression that lasted days afterwards. Partly this was also due to the heat, as this is Summer in Australia and partly this is due to apathy.  Once I perceive that I have “failed” at a task, I find it more difficult to devote any enthusiasm to it.

So in summary I’ve learned that with the help of my friends and family I can learn to abstain from spending money.  I still need to work on finding ways to get my butt off the couch.  Progress towards one out of two end of year goals is not bad.  I can live with this.


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