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Vervaco Kit Moscow

1 Jan 2009

If all bits and bobs arrived in time I planned on starting Vienna Ball on New Years Day.

I collected most of the DMC.
The specialty kit arrived from Debbie.
On New Years Eve the fabric arrived.

It was hideous.  OK not hideous – it was in fact quite a pretty pastel sky blue.  For something that called “Evening Shadows” and supposed to be dark purples and greys ????

Pictures for comparison here.

I was quite depressed about the whole thing.  I have emailed Catherine at Country Stitch and sending the fabric back.  She is dyeing a different colour for me once I decide between Twilight and Thundercloud.

So instead on New Years Day I continued stitching on Moscow.

I was sitting it down late last night (ahem early hours of the morning) and viewing the work from a distance – as you do.  I admit I was still a bit rankled that I was working on it instead of Vienna Ball.

Mr S was just finishing up his stuff when I made the comment “I always seem to be working on boring pieces when you are around”/

I received a distracted “I don’t think any of your stitching projects look boring”.

Its the little things …..

Happy 2009 to all!


  1. I like the piece that you were working on, but I could understand being bummed out about that fabric. I hope that your second piece comes back the way is should. It’ really nice that Stephen likes your stitching! Your correct, it’s the little things that count.

    Happy New Year!

  2. Could he have said a nicer thing, Mel?

    Happy New Year to both of you! Much happiness, health and excitement and all you wish for!

  3. Oh he’s good….even when he’s not trying to be!! A keeper.

  4. It’s great that he feels that way! I got a “I don’t even pay attention to what you’re working on anymore…”

  5. I can understand your disappointment, but what a great response from Mr NT! Those random comments are definitely things to cherish :). I generally get them at home when I least expect them… (and that’s not a complaint at all!)

  6. Aw, that really makes him a keeper, right?

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