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Subversive Cross Stitch Valentine's Limited edition.

Get Fucked


  1. Taking this literally – why not? LOL!!!! It’s really a fun piece. What I like most is that you put such a subversive little thing into this kitschy little doily, ha ha

  2. LOL !! I believe the first comment I received was “yes please !!!”

    I have also been informed that it would not be taken adversely if I chose to stitch the whole set as future presents ……

  3. What would Greant Aunt Maude have to say about this I wonder?

  4. LOL Poor Great Aunt Maude might surprise you, Jim! She may have been the one who said “yes please” {giggle}

  5. My grandmother Mildred would probably have a heart attack were she alive to see these. My Grandmother Williams, on the other hand, would probably have to lecture on the origins and uses of the “F” word 🙂

  6. As mum says my grandmother would have conniptions and be really red in the face (my nan wouldn’t even discuss sex or periods – oooh she’d hate my previous blog entry too then).

    My great Aunt Enid – grandfather’s older sister would have seen the funny side, according to mum.

    Well what do you know, Great Aunt Enid used to make and sell bikinis when they first came out in the late 1950s. Family tidbits that come out over breakfast conversations …. oh and she production line made them at home …. mum remembers from when she was still in primary school.

  7. LOL, this is great. Love that you put it on such a cute little doily too.

  8. Oh, Mel, this is so YOU!!

  9. This really is great…. I can think of lots of uses for this!!!!!

  10. I think DH wants a set of these for his bar!! LOL

  11. LOL !!!! I could see that !!!!! I think the recipient of this one would like a complete set for dinner parties too 🙂 🙂

  12. This is great. I love it.

  13. I LOVE IT!!!! Man, I wish I didn’t have little kiddos in my house…

  14. Very useful this one….!!!

  15. Funny!

  16. LMAO I gotta get a set of these!

  17. Frishawn, These were a limited edition set put out by Subversive Cross Stitch for Valentine’s Day 2008. The pattern is quite simple with words and simple motifs – so you could design something similar for personal use ….

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