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Susan Saltzgiver Designs

Is it my Eyes?


  1. Great finish, Mel! I really like this now that the other colors are all added in! šŸ™‚

  2. WooHoo ā€“ you got it done!! Well done!!

  3. Looks better now that it is finished. It is a really unique design. Weird-fun.

  4. Definitely a surreal piece. Especially up close where you can see the top leg of each stitch is a completely different colour from the bottom leg of each stitch. In all the colours the medium was used for the lower legs, with the light and darks used alternately for the top legs ā€“ very weird design/ Goddess knows how Iā€™m going to frame it ā€¦

  5. Cool finish!

    Is it purely abstract?

  6. I believe so. I’ve not seen anything to make me think otherwise…

  7. I wondered because I really can’t seem to focus on it enough to see anything else in it LOL.
    Super weird design.

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