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So after looking at what didn’t work last month, the fitness side of life, I decided to read Nerd Fitness to regain some enthusiasm and look for tips to make this work for me. I realised that what I left out of the equation last time was a sense of accountability that impacted on me and any form of  reward, Ye Olde Carrot & Stick!

With the financial side of things I employed some techniques to help me, two apps to help keep track of my money, and unsubscribing to all stash unload groups on FB and many cross stitch shop newsletters.  I didn’t do anything to help make the fitness side easier.

So the goals for February are:

  1. Walk for 5 minutes each morning before breakfast
  2. Do my Angry Birds Workout three times per week
  3. Cut out all soda from my diet


In Summer in Melbourne the hottest times of the day are 4-6pm and the coolest time is 6am.  So It makes sense to exercise in the morning.  This goal is not about doing any form of fat-burning exercise; it is about creating the habit of getting up and exercising.

Motivation for this habit: I’ve given Julie $50.00.  This is a huge amount of money for me.  I’ve only got it because some bills I planned for came in under expected cost. So …. Julie holds this windfall.  If I walk every single morning in February I get my money back. If not, she gets to keep it. This is my choice, my stick that will make me get out of bed.

The other motivation (this one suggested by Julie): No using the iPad/iPhone/laptop until after my walk. This encourages me to get that walk done so I can see what’s happened with you guys overnight, and means I don’t get distracted with FB etc and suddenly its midday and too hot to walk. So I plug all devices in outside the bedroom at night, and lay out my walking clothes and shoes ready to just put on in the morning,

A final assistance as provided by Julie and Ian is the gift of an unused treadmill that was gathering dust in their garage. This is for those days when it is raining (excuse me while I giggle madly) or simply too hot already to go outside (more likely). so I can use the treadmill under the aircon.


To do the Angry Birds workout every second day.  This is a bodyweight and dumbbell workout that I can tailor to my fitness levels and should not spike the migraine.  I plan to do this in the afternoons. A walk will boost my metabolism for a little while, so doing this in the afternoons should lengthen that boost.

Motivation: If I complete all of my workouts for the month, I will buy myself something to help with my fitness journey; a pull up bar, some better socks, a set of adjustable dumbbells. I’ll decide exactly what at the end as I will have a better idea at that time as to what is the highest priority, The best part is that if I complete all of my workouts AND all of my walks, then I’ll have that $50 to spend towards that reward – how’s that for financial planning and motivation 🙂 🙂

I will sort out a gym space in the back room to do workouts so there’s no faffing about finding space etc. I’ll also set the workout up on Numbers on the Pad so I can enter my progress each time and adjust my workout difficulty easily.


I’ve found that I work best when concentrating on only one aspect at a time.  The financial side has settled down into a routine so this month I’m focusing on moving my butt off the couch.  However in anticipation of adjusting the diet I’m throwing in a little change here of cutting out all soft drinks / fizzy drinks / soda / pop.

I don’t normally drink these but they have crept back into my diet in the last couple of months, so they can quietly creep back out.  I hope my friends will support me here and not feel uncomfortable when I ask for water.

So that’s it.  Any thoughts? Suggestions?  Anyone want to share their life goals for this month?


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    • Michele Anderson
    • Posted 1 February 2014 at 09:32
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    That sounds like an awesome plan. I only see one problem and you may want to adjust your exercise rules a bit, just in case. Don’t you have some days where the migraine is so bad, you can’t get out of bed? Maybe you should give yourself 3 or 4 days where it isn’t mandatory to walk if your physically unable to even get out of bed. Of course, those days would be on your honor system of being only used for the migraine. Not being too tired, or just don’t feel like it – aren’t allowed. Just a suggestion, but I’d hate for you to lose out on getting your $50 back if you didn’t walk for pure health reasons!


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