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OK so it is the 19 March.  I did do a Feb recap and plan March’s goals but I didn’t post them here.  So here it is!

How did I go with my plans and aims for the month:

  • Walk for 5 minutes each morning before breakfast
  • Do my Angry Birds Workout three times per week
  • Cut out all soda from my diet
  • Shop my stash when stitching

Well I passed three and failed one.

What Worked:

I have not  bought a single item towards my cross stitch hobby.  Miss Julie has helped by buying items to finish off WIPs I have been working on recently; a couple of packets of beads.  She also, before I even knew the list was available, bought all of the beads and embellishments needed for the new Passione Ricamo SAL. She bought for both of us so we can share packets of beads where only a few is needed of each colour.

What really made this one difficult to stick to this month is of course all of the glorious new charts that keep coming out and my wanting to ditch my WIPs to start these new ones immediately; of course that impulse is what got me into a position of overflowing WIPs in the first place!

I also walked for a minimum of 10 minutes every day.  I  tracked my walks each day via Runkeeper, so anyone who follows me on Twitter or Facebook can see and verify that the walks actually happened. The caveat suggested by Julie that I do not touch social media until I have completed my walk has helped enormously in the “just get out of bed and do it” stakes.  It also helped that it didn’t rain this month and often it was a great idea to get the walk in early before the temperatures rose to horrendous heights. And yes I have therefore “won back” the $50 I gave to the bank of Julie 🙂

I cut all soda/pop/soft drink from my diet.  This wasn’t a difficult one to do as I don’t obtain soda for myself except when out buying junk food.  Reduce the junk food and cut out the soda and everything works.  I do allow soda water in my new food outlook as it is merely water and CO2 and it makes other people comfortable in a social setting if I have of something fizzy while they are drinking fizzy drinks.

What didn’t work:

I did not complete my workouts this month. In fact I did not complete one single workout.  I really don’t know what the psychological block is with the strength workouts but I can come up with 100 different excuses not to start.  So I can’t spend my hard-won $50 on anything useful.  At this point I have left it with the bank of Julie.

In Summary:

I’ve learned there are three types of willpower:

  1. I will do this … (walk every morning)
  2. I won’t do this … (buy stash, drink soda)
  3. I want this long-term …. (workouts)

So I seem to be pretty good at the WONT willpower, I’m doing OK with the WILL willpower,  but I’m absolutely rubbish at the WANT willpower.  Thinking long-term (not that strong to begin with) has disappeared completely since the onset of chronic pain.

How to increase my WANT willpower requires further thought, maybe some reading.  Any suggestions or thoughts? How do I stop sabotaging my long-term goals for immediate gratification?

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  1. Try doing strength training without a program. Weight Watchers taught us to use water bottles, cans of veggies, peanut butter etc. as weights. You can easily have your ‘weights’ sitting beside the front door before your walks. Do a few reps of lifts just before leaving for your walk. There are also easy stretching bands you can attach to the bottom of chairs to do strength training for your lower half. Put them somewhere near the t.v. and do something (internet search) easy with the bands, and/or weights during commercials.


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