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A couple of weekends ago (a lifetime ago) my sister went into hospital with complications arising with her pregnancy (she was twelve weeks along).

Her two boys, Master 5 and Master 3 came to stay with mum and me full-time. I arranged for Master 5 to change schools and we made room for the boys in our lives.

My sister after a few days, unhappily, lost the baby. Mum spent most of her time travelling to and from the hospital helping my sister through her grief, and helping her partner through his issues. I spent my time with the boys, talking to teachers, walking Master 5 to school, enrolling Master 3 in the local library storytime, making lunches, helping with homework, teaching the boys to count and tell time and start to read and the endless endless clothes washing and washing dishes that happen with children in the house. I loved my bonding time with my nephews, but sad it had to be under such circumstances.

Now my sister is out of hospital, she is staying with us for a while to physically and emotionally recover. If any extended family members are reading this, and you don’t know mum’s phone number, ask Uncle Ross or Uncle Grahame.

Unfortunately the last couple of days have proven that there just isn’t enough room in mum’s little cottage for five people, so Abby and I are moving to Melbourne.  This move has been on the cards for a while, but my sister’s needs have sped up the timetable.  My sister and her kids need to bond again, and they all need mum now.

Abby was picked up by the ever wonderful Miss A this afternoon and will be staying with her for a few days before flying down. I’ll be travelling to Melbourne tomorrow via rail. Some friends had already arranged temporary accommodation for me next week for my specialists visit and they are happy for me to arrive a week early.

If all works out, it is a place Abby and I can move into for a long time. Meanwhile my sister can get the help she needs here.


  1. You keep in touch now, you hear.

    • You can’t get rid of me that easily 🙂

    • Julie Balla
    • Posted 27 May 2012 at 18:33
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    So sorry to hear of your sisters loss, but it was amazing that she had family to rely on when she needed them, and that she will have the time and space to heal properly after such a devastating time. I really hope that you find somewhere perfect to live and get some help from the specialists.

    • Yeah mum’s pretty awesome in the nursing stakes. She’s a professional care-worker so she can help my sister out with explaining things as well as helping emotionally.

  2. So very sorry to hear of your sister’s loss, Mel. Good that she has family she can rely on. And a new adventure for you! Good luck on your journey, and please let us know how everything goes! I always enjoy chatting with you!

    • Oh you know me Mel, always the chatterbox.

      Except for family issues, you can never shut me up 🙂 And I have a whole heap of other people’s blogs (looks meaningfully) to read and catch up on too!

  3. e-mail me your new snail mail addy! I have something for youuuuuu

    • I wont have the permanent address for another couple of days. As the schedule was moved up rather quickly, we’re still making some final adjustments at this point. I’m staying with a different friend right now. Will email you when I have the exact address details (or Post Box) sorted.

  4. I’m so sorry for your sister’s loss, glad your mom can help her through. It sounds like you had a great time with the boys. Will you be able to get home to visit?

    • Deb, It feels strange to talk about it at such a time, but I LOVED the time I spent with my nephews! I have sooo many anecdotes and stories! I loved walking M5 home from school and hearing about his day. I loved hearing M3’s favourite word turn from “Stupid!” to “Why?” and watch him learn about the world and piece it together and keep asking questions until I answer in a way that makes sense to him.

      I loved teaching them both to tell time and the look on M5’s face when he tells me something is too hard and his younger brother just goes and does it. I love the “doo doo doo” sound M3 makes when he walks past you when he is up to mischief and the “heh heh heh” when his plan comes off. I love how happy M5 is when we go to the farmer’s marker and he sees fruits and vegetables he doesn’t recognise.

      I’ll certainly be able to visit, but there;s just not enough room in the cottage for us all to live. Also my sister has to have the space now to emotionally learn to enjoy these things with her sons again. I’m told this can be difficult after a miscarriage.

    • Zlatina
    • Posted 29 May 2012 at 00:10
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    I’m very sorry for your sister’s loss, Mel. Moving to Melbourne – a big change, good luck with the move and everything. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for your doctor’s appointment.

    • Thanks so much Zlatina!

      I’m hoping as well. Melbourne is the second largest city in Australia so hopefully if this specialist can’t help, she can point me towards the next one 🙂

  5. My condolences to your sister. It must be devastating. Is the father out of the picture entirely?(You need not answer if I’m being too nosy.)
    Best of luck with the move and the migraines. I do hope you get an answer for them soon.
    Your nephews sound delightful. Enjoy them whenver you can. They need a special aunty like you.
    Hugs all around,

    • Sharon
    • Posted 2 June 2012 at 00:08
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    So sorry to.hear about your sister. splease let me know your snail mail. It will add to my reasons for visiting in novembwr I

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